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5 ways to teach children about pets

Friendship can come in all shapes and sizes. But there’s nothing cuter than to see a friendship blossom between a pet and a child. Or is it? As parents and educators, we have the responsibility to educate our children on how to take care of their pets. The skill to learn to take care of their pet = mascota is a lesson that they will carry on forever. Not…

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3 main benefits of honey as medicinal, skin and natural sweetener

Who would have thought that a wonder food such as honey could have numerous benefits? Not only has this amazing sweetener been around for centuries, but also it has been providing medicinal properties since the ancient times. Although it takes 2 million flowers to make a pound of honey, much of this commercial commodity can sometimes have other elements. Honeybees make a remarkable journey in…

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Educational magazine review: Learning about Bilingual Times

Literacy is such an important aspect for parents, nowadays. It is even more essential when parents have children that struggle with reading or have a learning disability. Reading can be daunting or a chore. But reading can be a wonderful activity. Parents can encourage children by reading different types of materials such as audio books, picture dictionaries or encyclopedias, read-along-books, and even magazines. Sometimes magazines…

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Learning Spanish for toddlers with Bilinguebabies

Meet Audrey and her wonderful children from the United Kingdom in this delightful article. In her journey to educate her children in many languages, she also teaches Spanish and French. Learn more about her inspirational quest to master multiculturalism and the notion of being multilingual in a bilingual home. Teaching toddlers Spanish using the world around you, any moment can be ‘Spanish time-Bilinguebabies’ by Audrey Antoine-Hart…

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Educational music review: Learning about World Music by Daria

Meet award-winner Daria from ‘World Music with Daria’ that teaches how with the wonderful creation of music we can learn about Martin Luther King. Here she presents her music CD: “I have a Dream, World Music for Children”. A delightful music that tells about his works, the folklore behind the music, and the great message behind the most famous speech. I loved any of the…

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Fun facts about honey bees

How often do children exclaim to parents or educators that honeybees only have the ability to sting when they observe them in parks or backyards? Although it is a fact that they have this defense mechanism, these bees present a much more amazing contribution to nature than stinging. What are they? They are part of the Apis genus and mostly considered to manufacture honey. They…

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Learning insect variety while exploring science with kids

Some may have wings, others antenna, and some may have little spots. But they all have something in common: they are insects and they are tiny. Most of them rest on trees, bushes, flowers, or water. Bugs are often found in many places around the home, parks and other sites. These small insects, whether friendly or not, live in many different habitats. But do we…

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No Child Left Behind program: Reasons it needs to matter

Is it possible to have a 6 year old held back a grade because of inadequate reading skills? Is it possible to have a 3rd grader not be able to read at their level? Is it possible to implement a program that can prevent this from happening? All these scenarios present the distress in the educational system that has been accumulating for decades. The United…

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Spanish books for children to learn about farm animals

Farm animals are great topics to introduce science and common Spanish terms to children. The terms for each animal can easily be associated with simple picture books. Many children may have seen ducks, chickens, cows, horses, and other farm animals at some point in their lives. But how can they captivate a child’s learning span? Children can recognize some of these animals but parents can…

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