Spanish Summer Reading Camp

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About Course

The Spanish Summer Reading Camp course is ideal for beginners of ages 5-7 to learn Spanish with fun interactive activities.


Continue the love of Spanish learning with the Spanish Summer Reading Camp

In this starter course, students will develop language and literacy skills by:

  • Engaging with bilingual stories in English and Spanish
  • Developing language skills with hands-on activities 
  • Interacting with STEM bilingual activities to enhance literacy

Enroll in a summer class that your kids will enjoy learning while playing.

In this virtual summer reading camp for bilingual learners, you decide the pace of the course. That is, do modules or lessons within weeks or days. Summer days can be lazy. Structure the course according to your schedule. 

About the Course Creator: Hi, I’m Barbara. I’m the owner and founder of Spanish4Kiddos. Spanish4Kiddos is an educational support service for bilingual teachers and parents. I want to support you with the ideal learning tools to teach Spanish. So, I design and create bilingual learning materials in English and Spanish to help your students succeed. Have fun in the sun while learning Spanish during the summer!

What Will I Learn?

  • Engaging lessons with interactive activities
  • Enhance Spanish reading with hands-on activities
  • Boost literacy skills with various reading ebooks

Topics for this course

12 Lessons



Module 1: Back to Basics

Module 2: STEM Amusement Park Bilingual Reading

Module 3: Sunflowers in Summer

Module 4: Let’s Go Camping and Ice Cream Social Reading

Module 5: STEM Goldilocks and the Three Bears Bilingual Reading


Spanish summer reading camp
$15.00 plus sales tax

Material Includes

  • 5 digital modules of bilingual summer activities
  • Printables materials in each lesson to use for each activity
  • Bilingual digital ebooks in English and Spanish
  • All lessons and printables are available online to print on demand (no supplies or worksheets mailed or shipped)
  • Virtual lessons via video
  • 10 lessons with printables
  • 9 instructional videos
  • Bonus materials
  • Certificate of Completion


  • Digital learning materials
  • Optional: writing tools like crayons or pencils, safety scissors, glue, and construction paper
  • Optional STEM materials: paper, cotton balls, craft sticks, and plastic straws

Target Audience

  • Educators of children K-2
  • Bilingual parents of children ages 5-7
  • Instructional directors of library programs, summer camps, or storytimes