52-Weeks of Bilingual Preschool Themes Course

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Enroll today in the 52-weeks of bilingual preschool themes course to get a year of academic lessons, printables, and instructional videos to support your bilingual students. 

Do you wonder what you need to teach next in your bilingual classroom or homeschool group?

Having a plan of preschool lessons that you can use at your fingertips saves you time. You don’t have to guess how to transition from one topic to another.

The 52-weeks of bilingual preschool theme course maps out your lessons monthly and weekly. Imagine a class with all the necessary components you need; that’s what this course can do for you.

The 52-weeks of bilingual preschool themes course includes:

  • A road map or checklist that takes you from week 1 to week 52. 
  • Each lesson has printables with the necessary steps to implement in your class. 
  • Each month includes a video to guide you with teaching strategies and activities. 
  • Check off the list as you move from week to week and accomplish teaching Spanish to your bilingual classes.  

The course also includes a Bonus section. You get three bonus lesson plan templates: a lesson plan guideline and blank template, a Spanish five senses lesson plan, and a Spanish shapes lesson plan. 

  • 22 lessons with learning printables
  • 18 instructional videos
  • Bonus lessons with guidelines, templates, and samples
  • All lessons are virtual and online. There are no face-to-face classes. 
  • All learning materials are digital, and no materials will be mailed or shipped. 

If you have any questions or feedback about the course, please send the instructor, Barbara, an email. Or, you can reach Barbara using the contact form. 


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