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Scrambling to gather that last-minute lesson does not help with teacher organization. You need a system to support you throughout the units and themes you want to teach.

You know your students better than anyone else. So, why rely on a fellow teacher’s lesson plan when your kids are your kids, not someone else’s kids?

Let us help you give you peace of mind when designing and planning your lessons.

Each lesson planning includes:

  • seven lesson plans according to your state standards
  • K-12 lesson design with sample activity
  • assessment with the depth of knowledge levels
  • essential questions and exit tickets with relevant questions
  • format ready to use with your media or projector
  • grade level: PreK-5

Of course, you have questions, and we hope we can answer your concerns.

Please, send us a note using our Contact Form or email us at [email protected] to learn more.

You have a unique class, and you know what is best for your students. Why rely on a lesson template that is not going to meet everyone’s needs?

A lesson integrates the learning as a whole class and as individuals. Besides an experience that worked for another teacher might not work in your class.

So, why use someone else’s lesson plan when you can customize instruction just for your class? Differentiation instruction is not separate individual lessons.

When you differentiate your instruction, you know the strengths and weaknesses of your students, regardless of background. Each lesson is customized to teach and develop the learning based on students’ knowledge.

At Spanish4Kiddos Educational Services, we customize your lesson plan to meet your needs. In each step of the lesson planning, we help you develop your instructional parameters.

Depending on your classroom needs, we support you in all the steps of learning including state standards.


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