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The Fall season is a fantastic time of the year, especially for children. Whether in English or Spanish, children learn about this particular time of the year. In preparation for the Winter season, many animals gather food.

If you are teaching the seasons in Spanish or students are learning about living creatures during the Fall, this booklet supplements those lessons. Within each colorful page, children investigate the wonders of animals and plants in anticipation of winter.

As part of an introduction to Spanish seasons or animal habitat during Fall, foster the curiosity in children to learn about harvesting and changes in seasons.

The Bilingual Story Fall: A Time for Harvest is a vivid story of the Fall season for animals and plants. Indeed, children are curious about how animals live during the seasons.

So, introduce those season concepts in Spanish and English with a bilingual story.

  • The booklet includes ten pages of an English and Spanish story with one page of the activity.
  • The activity page consists of drawing a favorite activity during the Fall season and writing practice in English and Spanish.
  • One page contains five activities to supplement the learning from the bilingual story.
  • These activities entail number sense, letter identification, writing practice, Spanish vocabulary, and handwriting practice.
  • Also, the activity page includes an answer key.

Grade Level: K-2

RF.1.1.A, RF.1.2, Standard 2 DLE (Spanish Development Standard), RF.1.4.A, RF.2.4, Standard 4 DLE (Spanish Development Standard), NGSS: K-ESS2-2 (RI.K.1, W.K.1, W.K.2), 1-LS1-1 (W.1.7)

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