Holiday Collection 2020

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The Holiday Collection 2020 is an exclusive set of English and Spanish printables, workbooks, and stories. Engage your young readers with fun stories about dinosaurs, wild animals, and more. While they read, they’ll interact with writing practice, letter identification, and Spanish sight words.

This exclusive Holiday Collection for 2020 includes:

  • The Dinosaurs Left More than Footprints has 12 black/white pages of informational dual-language pages of how dinosaurs lived on Earth.
  • The Fall: A Time to Harvest has 8 color pages of a fun bilingual story of how animals prepare for autumn, including a short activity at the end.
  • The Farm Life bilingual booklet has 12 black/white pages of informational parallel text of farm animals and how they live.
  • The Four Seasons contains 10 color pages, including a season cycle in English and Spanish of the autumn, winter, spring, and summer.
  • The Animals from the Jungle includes 12 color pages of informational text of wild animals in English and Spanish.
  • The Life of the Apple has 12 color pages of informational text of the apple’s life cycle.

The Holiday Collection also contains:

  • The Spanish Classroom Routines workbook has 12 black/white pages of interactive English and Spanish text with classroom descriptions, including writing practice and interactive activities.
  • The Seasons Mini-Book is a valuable complement to the Four Seasons informational text. The mini-book includes 8 black/white interactive pages of bilingual reading. It also includes writing practice of Spanish months and answer key.
  • The Spanish Sight Word collection includes the sight words EL/LA, ES, HAY, and PUEDO. Each mini-book includes an interactive story and activities.

Each bilingual story includes an English and Spanish glossary.

The Holiday Collection 2020 is an exclusive set of more than 65 pages of interactive reading and English and Spanish activities.

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