Learning About Germs

My Spanish Germs Mini Book

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In this My Spanish Germs Mini Book, young readers will learn about healthy habits. With each reading section, children encounter ways to wash their hands and the importance of staying healthy.

After reading each section, children will use the text to answer a set of comprehension questions or activities. Each activity brings the reader back to the page to read the text further. That is, young readers use text-evidence to support the question or activity.

With each reading passage, children can read sentences, identify print, and recognize letters.

The My Spanish Germs Mini Book reading passage includes six pages of engaging activities.

  • Two pages (eight black and white mini book pages) of reading material describing germs in English and Spanish with separate activities.
  • One page of writing Spanish practice of keywords from the reading passage.
  • One page of English and Spanish memory game based on the text.
  • Two answer keys included.

Grade Level: PreK-1

Standards: W.K, Standard 1 DLE (Spanish Development Language Standard), RF.K.1, RF.K.1.A, RF.K.1.C, RF.K.4, W.K.2, RF.1.1.A, RF.1.4.B 

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