Spanish Alphabet Writing Practice Workbook B/W

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Inspire your students to engage in learning the Spanish alphabet with these printables. Including with the workbook, each printable helps students understand the letter of the Spanish alphabet with a context word.

Next to each word comes a familiar image of that word. Each word begins with an English and Spanish version. Then, children can identify the first letter of each word.

The Spanish Alphabet Activity Printable workbook in Black and White incorporates a cut-and-paste activity to recognize the letters of each word. Children also learn about gender-specific words with the use of feminine and masculine articles. Cut the pages along the dash lines, and you have a flip mini-book that students practice their words and letters at home or school.

The Spanish Alphabet Workbook in Black and White adds another learning level. Each page consists of writing practice words in Spanish along with a familiar image of the word. Encourage children to trace the words with their favorite writing tool. In this case, children assimilate the word with the beginning letter and a corresponding word in Spanish.

Each printable in this set of Spanish Alphabet activities includes writing practice with context.

The Spanish Alphabet Activity Printable Workbook includes

  • 27 black and white pages with a set of two Spanish words
  • Each page consists of a cut-and-paste activity of each word
  • One booklet with Spanish alphabet words in the dashed format
  • Pages turn into mini-books
  • Each word reinforces the gender-specific in Spanish nouns with la or el

The Spanish Alphabet Workbook includes

  • Eight black and white pages with a set of four writing practice Spanish words
  • Each word also has the English translation
  • Spanish words have an image with the corresponding print letter in upper and lowercase

Grade Level: K

RF.K.1.A through RF.K.1D, RF.K.2, Standard 2 DLE (Spanish Language Development Standard)

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