Spanish mini books – Sight word Hay

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In this Spanish mini-book Sight Word HAY (THERE), students will:

  • encounter a story in a black and white format in eight-pages
  • practice numbers and the sight word Hay in two separate activities
  • engage in writing practice to identify prepositions in Spanish
  • explore fine motors skills by cutting and organizing the mini book
  • apply basic writing skills to write names

Sharpen the reading skills of young learners in Spanish with these printable mini books. Enhance the learning experience of young readers with more than Spanish reading mini books.

Along with the short story in this printable, you can also reinforce Spanish sight words. In addition to offering reading comprehension, Spanish mini books are ideal resources for bilingual teachers PreK-1 grades. A classroom library needs a variety of reading materials.

A teacher’s budget can only go so far. Imagine trying to provide reading books for everyone in the class?

With these Spanish mini books, you can offer

  • reading comprehension,
  • writing practice, and
  • Spanish sight word practice.

Besides adding reading tools to your class library, students also

  • practice numbers,
  • prepositions,
  • coloring, and
  • letter identification.

In each page, students can mark the Spanish sight words and relate to the story as they are reading. While classroom books rarely go home, these printable Spanish mini books easily travel to home and back to the classroom.

Grade Level: K-1

RF.K.1.A, RF.K.2, Standard 2 DLE (Spanish Development Standard), RF.K.3.C, RF.K.1.4

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