Spanish Weather Story and Activities

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The Spanish Weather Story in English and Spanish, along with activities, includes more than informational bilingual texts. The Spanish weather bilingual story has colorful pages full of weather-related scenarios that emphasize terms and natural elements.

Besides the dual-language story about weather, this collection also includes pages of bilingual activities to learn, apply, and relate to weather terms. 

  • The Spanish Weather English and Spanish story contain 8 colorful weather scenarios that bilingual learners can relate to.
    • The booklet also includes one bilingual glossary of key terms.
    • Each page depicts seasonal weather and daylight/nighttime events.
    • Total pages: 12
  • The Spanish Weather Activities includes 12 colorful pages of tasks.
    • The monthly colorful weather calendar can start any lesson with patterns and discussions.
    • Then, you can use the 5 weekly graphs and blank graph to analyze the weather patterns.
    • The set also includes 18 colorful English and Spanish matching weather cards to practice weather terms.
    • Bilingual learners can also learn weather terms using one of the four bingo color cards.
    • Deepen the understanding of weather vocabulary, patterns, and sequences with the bilingual observation cards.
    • Total pages: 12
  • The Spanish Seasons Mini Book Story and Printables are ideal learning materials to begin learning about the weather.
    • In the 12 black and white English and Spanish story pages, bilingual students learn the four seasons.
    • Along with each page, children can interact with the text to develop vocabulary and reading comprehension.
    • At the end of the set, bilingual learners can practice writing the 12 months in English and Spanish.
    • Each activity allows students to revisit their reading to answer textual questions.
    • Total pages: 18

Answer keys included. 

Grade Level: PreK-K and Grade 1

Standards: RF.K.1.A, RF.K.1.C, RF.K.4, RF.1.1, RF.1.1.A, W.K.2, W.K.7, W.1.2, W.1.5; W.1.7, W.1.8 

NGSS Standards: K.PS3.1, K.PS3.2, K.ESS2-1, K.ESS3-2; 1.ESS1.1, 1.ESS1.2 

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