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curriculum planning

Curriculum planning resources for successful teaching

Learn the ways to plan your curriculum for easy management and efficient mapping

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simplify lesson planning

10 clever ways to simplify lesson planning

Use simple tools for easy lesson planning with a collection of apps, planners, and sites.

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second language teaching

Second language teaching and its benefits

Second language teaching offers many benefits including cognitive development, language acquisition, and brain improvement.

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teaching toddles a second language

Teaching Toddlers a Second Language

Teaching toddlers a second language needs patience and commitment. Often, teaching toddlers is a whirl of excitement. That is lessons for toddlers convey a straightforward message. The instructional part of teaching toddlers requires simple planning, lots of activities, and more hands-on exploration. Don’t expect toddlers to retain information easily as elementary students. However, don’t get discouraged! In fact, the more repetition there is in a…

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teach Spanish sight words

10 Ways to Teach Spanish Sight Words

What are some fun ways to teach Spanish sight words? To teach Spanish sight words is just as important as learning them whether it is in English or Spanish. When teaching Spanish sight words, it is essential to offer the tools for students to use these words constantly. Often regarded as high-frequency words, sight words are a collection of must-know words. In Spanish, sight words…

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instructional techniques

Instructional techniques for interactive notebooks

How to use input and output activities for your interactive notebook classes? When using instructional techniques for interactive notebooks, it is best to use simple methods. Students engage better when the activities are short with easy to follow directions. Ensure your students are ready to learn when you give them simple step-by-step instructions. The activities shown here are samples you can use in your own…

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left side activities

Left side activities for interactive notebooks

Do you know how students learn the most from the left side activities in their interactive notebooks? The left side activities of interactive notebooks is sometimes the most hands-on experience for most students. It is also the most fun. On this side, students participate more with their learning. They are more active in completing questions and offering feedback. Amazingly, students like to collaborate more with each other,…

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grading interactive notebooks

Interactive Notebook Grading Systems

How to grade interactive notebooks without going insane Interactive notebook grading systems are important steps in having success throughout the school year. When you have a grading system that is consistent, fair, and easy to follow, it gives students a sense of commitment. From the very beginning of the school year, make sure you set clear expectations about interactive notebooks. If you want students to…

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grading interactive notebooks

Grading Interactive Notebooks with Rubrics

Using Rubrics to Grading Interactive Notebooks Rubrics are essential tools for grading interactive notebooks at any grade level. Depending on the grade level, it is important you have a guideline about what you want to grade on. Grading interactive notebooks can be simple or complex. But without a rubric to help you gauge how well students are doing in class, it can be difficult to…

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