Spanish Farm Animals Mini Book

Spanish Farm Animals Mini-Book LAST CHANCE

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Learning about Spanish farm animals entails more than terms. When you use the Spanish Farm Animals Mini-Book, you get stories and activities to keep every bilingual learner engaged.

On each page, young learners read in English and Spanish a brief story about farm animals. Then, they apply that knowledge with reading activities.

After each reading, each section consists of reading comprehension, writing practice, print awareness, and word recognition.

Each reading passage builds up dual-language skills in

  • early literacy,
  • letter identification, and
  • writing.

The bilingual story unfolds in 11 pages full of vocabulary in English and Spanish.

  • The Spanish Farm Animals Mini-Book reading continues with a set of Spanish syllable practice.
  • Each section allows students to learn two or three-syllable farm animal terms.
  • Reading the text is not complete without writing practice.
  • Enrich the knowledge of dual language reading and vocabulary with the dashed print practice sheets. 

Grade Level: preK – K

Standards: RF.K.1, RF.K.1.A, RF.K.1.C, RF.K.2, RF.K.2.B, RF.K.2.E, RF.K.3, Standard 2 DLE (Spanish Development Language Standard)

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