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The Spanish Ocean Animals Writing Printable offers you a series of printables with six different ways to teach Spanish terms of ocean life.

In each section, you will find a sequence of instructional patterns to

  • introduce,
  • develop the concept, and
  • master language skills.

This set of printables consists of one color Spanish printable of

  • a whale,
  • a goldfish,
  • an octopus,
  • a coral, and
  • a yellow fish.

The collection also includes a Spanish memory game to reinforce the terms learned from the printables.

You can paste each printable onto a notebook or staple them together as a workbook.

We highly recommend you laminate the memory cards to continue to enjoy the game in future lessons.

Ocean animals are wondrous to experience, especially if you live close to the sea. Strengthen children’s imagination when you use materials that encourage writing practice and creativity.

There is so much to learn from one set of ocean animals. Children learn the Spanish terms of familiar sea creatures encountered in books and educational videos.

Then, nourish that natural curiosity in children by using writing and language skills. Spanish4Kiddos printables help you motivate children to wonder beyond what they read.

More than that, we believe in supporting your mission in education to instruct in Spanish and English so that you can help ELL and Spanish immersion students flourish in your classroom.

Grade Level: K

RF.K.1.A through RF.K.C, RF.K.2, Standard 2 DLE (Spanish Development Language), RF.K.2.E, Standard 4 DLE (Spanish Development Language Standard Science), NGSS: 1-LS1-1, 2-LS4-1

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