Spanish Wild Animals Writing Practice

Spanish Wild Animals Writing Practice

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Imagine a bilingual resource to help children develop more than language skills in English and Spanish? That is what the Spanish Wild Animals Writing Practice envisions for every child.

With multiple ways to interact with the vocabulary, you can help students with writing and reading. Each section for the wild animals encourages students to use

  • syllable formation,
  • letter identification,
  • print awareness, and
  • fine-motor skills.

In each step, students transition from learning the terms of wild animal names in Spanish and English. Then, they fine-tune their writing skills with letter identification. 

The Spanish Wild Animals Writing Practice printable set includes the

  • elephant,
  • giraffe,
  • lion,
  • monkey,
  • parrot,
  • rhinoceros,
  • tiger, and
  • zebra.

Each printable begin with an introduction of a wild animal term to recognize the vocabulary word in context. Next, students use prior knowledge of print awareness and letter recognition. In each activity, young learners practice letter formation, identification, and fine-motor skills. 

These Spanish wild animal terms easily supplement lessons in habitat learning, jungle preschool themes, or ecosystems. Whether you’re looking to enhance the teaching of rainforest ecosystems or jungle habitats, these printables support you in children literature and general science. 

Grade Level: 1

Standards: RF.1.1.A, RF.1.2, Standard 1 DLE (Spanish Development Language Standard), Standard 4 DLE (Spanish Development Language Standard Science), NGSS: 1-LS1-1, 2-LS4-1

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