Bilingual Summer Reading Challenge

Join the Bilingual Summer Reading Challenge for fun English-Spanish stories, games, and interactive activities. This challenge offers you lots of fun bilingual activities for your kids. 

Your students or kids will get a chance to:

  • Read various bilingual stories in English and Spanish
  • Interact with the text to learn Spanish
  • Engage in active reading to learn Spanish
  • Develop critical thinking skills with bilingual STEM activities
  • Use problem-solving skills while performing STEM activities

Participate in the Free Bilingual Summer Reading Challenge today, and you’ll receive:

  • Free Spanish learning printables
  • Ebooks to read together with your students or kids in English and Spanish
  • Fun bilingual learning activities
  • STEM activities to go deeper in learning

Sign up for the Free Bilingual Summer Reading Challenge today!

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Can’t wait to get started learning Spanish? Check out the Spanish Summer Reading Camp course.

bilingual summer reading challenge