The mission with the Spanish4Kiddos membership is for bilingual students to begin learning or get immersed into Spanish with fun bilingual stories and activities.

Each membership is a stepping stone to learn and go deeper in Spanish learning.

With reading context and activities to enhance your learning, each membership supports students with English and Spanish language skills. 


The FREE TRIAL membership (no credit card required) offers you a wonderful beginner’s step into your Spanish journey.   

You get FREE access to:

  • Basic Spanish free printables to begin your Spanish learning
  • Fun bilingual reading stories in English and Spanish
  • Develop fundamental Spanish language skills

Find all the features and membership pricing to start learning Spanish

Little Seedling
Emerging Sprout
Thriving Bloom
Fun Spanish learning to develop language, reading, and math skillsExclusive member area for Emerging SproutsExclusive member area for Thriving Bloom
English-Spanish stories and printables (immediate downloads)Dedicated section for language, reading, and math areasDedicated learning sections for language, reading, math, and conversation
Exclusive member area for Little SeedlingsIndividual lessons, videos, and printables (immediate downloads)Individual lessons, videos, and printables (immediate downloads)
Individual sections with printables (immediate downloads)Monthly ebooks and printables (immediate downloads)Monthly ebooks and printables (immediate downloads)
Access to exclusive blog posts and videosAccess to exclusive blog posts and videosAccess to exclusive blog posts and videos
One free Spanish4Kiddos productTwo free Spanish4Kiddos products
25% discount on Spanish4Kiddos courses and products50% discount on Spanish4Kiddos courses and products
2 hours of individual virtual tutoring via Google Meet
$5.00 $2.50 one-time fee
(plus sales tax)
$15.00 $7.50 per month
(plus sales tax)
$175 $87.50 annually
(plus sales tax)
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If you have any questions or need help with your membership, please contact Barbara via email at barbara(at)spanish4kiddos(dot)com or use the contact form. Thank you for being a member.


Can I cancel anytime? 

Yes, you can cancel your recurring memberships at anytime. Recurring memberships are Emerging Sprout and Thriving Bloom. Little Seedling is a one-time fee. 

How do I get the printables and lessons?

All digital materials are immediate downloads at their respective areas. For example, the Thriving Bloom has a separate area where you can download reading, language, and math printables based on month or category. You can also view blog posts and videos exclusive to the printable or lesson. 

Which products are free?

The Emerging Sprout members receive the Spanish Alphabet Writing Practice Workbook B/W.  The Thriving Bloom members receive the Spanish Sight Words Mini Book Collection 1 (Todo, You, Puedo, el/la) and the Spanish Alphabet Writing Practice Workbook B/W  products

You can see an updated list at Member Special section

(Note: to view the special price or free offer, you would need to be a member)

How do the discounts work?

Emerging Sprout and Thriving Bloom always receive 25% and 50% discounts on all Spanish4Kiddos products, including sale items. This list includes courses, workbooks, starter sets, tutoring sessions, and stories.