How to Teach Months in Spanish

How do you teach months in Spanish in an easy and fun way?

One of the best ways to learn Spanish for beginners is to learn the months of the year. It is beneficial to explore how to write, pronounce, and know each month.

Many of the months are easily displayed in the classroom or homeschool group. Perhaps, you might want to start by pointing out the basic components of a typical date. Focus on the number, day, month, and year.

In this way, the basic parts of the date set the foundation for learning more about time in Spanish.

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teach months in Spanish

Vocabulary introduction when you teach months in Spanish

You might have an anchor chart or poster to display months in Spanish. However, to start your lesson in Spanish, it might be a good idea to cover the months in English first.

Although it might be repetitious, it allows students to connect their prior knowledge about dates and months with what they’re going to learn.

Evidently, it is a good review to learn how to spell and say the months. Here, I show you a simple table about Spanish months:

enero  = January

febrero  = February

marzo  = March

abril  = April

mayo  = May

junio = June

julio  =  Julio

agosto  = August

setiembre  = September

noviembre  = November

diciembre  = December

It is a good idea to point out as you teach months in Spanish that they are not capitalized as in the English version. In fact, many of the rules of dates in Spanish are not the same as in English.

teach months in Spanish
teach months in Spanish

This correlation between Spanish and English allows students to recognize the differences between months.

Brief activity to recognize months in English and Spanish

Here, you will find a simple activity to help students to begin to recognize months in Spanish.

  • Distribute the first part of writing activity to practice the months in Spanish
  • For ELL students, have a PowerPoint slide with the table of the months in Spanish
  • You might also want to write them in different color to easily distinguish them
  • Next, distribute the matching part of the learning activity
  • Encourage students to spend time decorating or coloring the months
  • Cut each month label and illustration
  • Have your interactive notebooks ready

Evaluate by exploring months in Spanish with matching game

Once students have colored all the month labels and illustrations, you’re ready to begin matching the label cards.

If they haven’t already done so, make sure students cut out each month card label and illustration.

Start by matching January with enero. Then, match February with febrero and so on until you reach December with diciembre.

Start by pasting them together onto your interactive notebook (right side – since this an instructional part of learning months in Spanish).

You can even encourage students to play with their shoulder partners in naming each month. 

teach months in Spanish

Exercises as you teach months in Spanish

Depending on your time, use the chart of Spanish month to fill out the following exercises in your interactive notebook:

  • When is your birthday? My birthday is in November.   
    • ¿Cuándo es tu cumpleaños? Mi cumpleaños es en noviembre.
  • When do you begin your class? I begin my class in August.  
    • ¿Cuándo comienzas las clases? Comienzo mis clases en agosto.
  • The semester ends in December.   
    • El semestre termina en diciembre.
  • My vacation starts in January and ends in March.  
    • Mis vacaciones comienzan en enero y terminan en marzo.
  • I will travel to Spain in May.  
    • Viajaré a España en mayo. 
  • Spring starts in late April.  
    • La primavera comienza a fines de abril.
  • My favorite season is fall because it starts in October.  
    • Mi estación favorita es el otoño porque empieza en octubre.
  • What’s today’s date? Today is August 20th.  
    • ¿Que día es hoy? Hoy es el 20 de agosto.
  • I’m going to college in September.   
    • Iré a la universidad en setiembre.
  • I’ll move back home in June.   
    • Vuelvo a casa en junio.

Using interactive notebooks helps tremendously in a classroom that needs English language support as well as Spanish learning. The great part of learning Spanish is that you can easily apply what you learn to both languages.

Leave a comment. How do you think students learn best when learning months in Spanish?

teach months in Spanish

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