Classroom Routines Printables in Spanish

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Classroom routines printables are the perfect daily tasks for young learners to practice Spanish reading and writing. Each classroom routine reading section guides students to develop comprehension, activate prior knowledge, and practice sentence structure.

The Classroom Routines Printables in Spanish includes

  • 12 pages of English and Spanish reading text,
  • follow-up questions,
  • a narrative story using the reading sequence, and
  • Spanish writing practice of classroom objects.

In a series of classroom routines, each printable motivates young learners to read the story and answer questions based on the text. The classroom routines printable contains six daily tasks typical in classes in English and Spanish.

  • The printable includes one page of Spanish classroom routines daily tasks based on the reading content.
  • The set also has one page of cut and paste Spanish narrative with keywords and answer key and
  • four pages of Spanish writing practice of classroom objects encountered during the reading.

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Grade Level: 1-2

Standards: RF.1.1, RF.1.1.A, RF.1.2, RF.1.4, RF.1.4.A, RF.2.4, RF.2.4.A; W.1.3, W.2.3, W.2.8


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