My First Spanish Learning Set for Toddlers (Bonus gift included)

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The My First Spanish Learning Set for Toddlers is an ideal introduction to Spanish for young learners. In 52 pages of dual-language learning set for toddlers, young learners develop language skills with fun interactive activities. 

As beginners in Spanish, your bilingual toddlers engage with various learning materials. 

The My First Spanish Learning Set for Toddlers includes:

  • The Spanish Nursery Rhymes section contains 11 English and Spanish nursery rhymes to delight young toddlers.
    • Some classic nursery rhymes are Itsy Bitsy Spider, Hickory, Dickory, Dock, and Baa, Baa, Black Sheep.
    • Each page has colorful illustrations of each nursery rhyme. (14 pages)
  • The Spanish Numbers section consists of 12 number labels in English and Spanish, and colorful number identification labels. (2 pages)
  • The Spanish Shapes section has seven colorful shapes that toddlers can practice with labels in English and Spanish. (2 pages)
  • The Spanish Months and Schedule contains a basic bilingual schedule that you can use with the Spanish months, weather, and day of the week labels. (2 pages)
  • The Spanish Days of the Week and Weather section have Spanish and English labels of the days of the week, and six weather labels to use with the Bilingual Schedule. (2 pages)
  • The Spanish Seasons contains Spanish and English season labels and colorful illustrations to discuss the different season patterns. (2 pages)
  • The Spanish Colors section includes 10 colorful ice cream models of Spanish colors. (2 pages)
  • Read together the Bilingual Story of Dinosaurs to encourage bilingual reading and discussion. The story is available in English and Spanish. (4 black and white pages)
  • Encourage bilingual reading with the Bilingual Story of Farm Animals.
    • In this story, young readers will learn about farm animals in English and Spanish. (4 black and white pages)
  • A starter set is not complete without a Spanish Alphabet.
    • Young bilingual learners can begin letter identification by learning each letter with a fun interactive activity. (6 pages)
  • The Spanish Foods: Fruits section includes 12 colorful fruits to help toddlers identify Spanish terms and labels. (4 pages)
  • The Spanish Classroom Supplies section consists of eight colorful classroom supplies to begin discussing school and learning materials at home. (2 pages)
  • The Spanish Fine Motor Skills consists of practicing cutting and pasting exercises.
    • On each page, young learners can begin holding scissors and cutting by putting together fun puzzles (4 color pages).
    • As toddlers start to hold writing tools, they can also practice with the Spanish Fine Motor Skills Coloring pages in English and Spanish. (4 black and white pages).
  • Bonus gift included: Spanish Alphabet Letter Recognition Activity (4 pages)

The My First Spanish Learning Set for Toddlers contains more than 50 pages of reading, language, counting, and fine motor skills activities to begin learning Spanish. 

Ages: 3 – 4

Grade Level: Beginner to Preschool

This set aligns with the Common Core Knowledge standards.

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