Spanish Alphabet Printable Workbook

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With these Spanish alphabet printable worksheets, engage young readers in learning the Spanish alphabet with fun images and everyday words. Activate prior knowledge with Spanish letters and easy to understand graphics.

The Spanish alphabet printable workbook helps with letter recognition and identification. The printable worksheets easily make a writing practice workbook in the classroom or a take-home activity. With the Spanish alphabet worksheets include task cards and writing practice sheets.

Each task card relates to a simple Spanish alphabet letter and image. In conjunction with the Spanish alphabet workbook, you can use the task cards for matching memory games or learning word activities.

Spanish alphabet printable workbook includes: 

  • Seven black and white Spanish alphabet writing practice worksheets with respective letter and images
  • Three writing practice worksheets of the Spanish alphabet letters  
  • Eight color Spanish alphabet task cards (word wall or anchor charts)
  • One booklet with a dashed print format of the Spanish alphabet words
  • One set of Spanish alphabet letter recognition with writing practice, bilingual terms, letter print, and activity

Grade level: K-1

RF.K.1.A through RF.K.1D, RF.K.2, Standard 2 DLE (Spanish Language Development Standard), RF.1.1

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1 review for Spanish Alphabet Printable Workbook

  1. Melissa Cartolano (verified owner)

    The dashed writing page is perfect for my 4 year old who is working on pen control and gaining confidence forming letter. We practice the alphabet daily and frequently run through the flash cards, sounding out the words. I really enjoy practicing with my daughter- we make a game out of it- who can name the object first. We sound the words out in Spanish, just like we do when we read our books/words in English. I have not found any comparable products to this to assist at such a young age for a child to learn Spanish. As a Mom who learned Spanish later in life, this product is so helpful for me to share the foundational building blocks of the Spanish language with my preschooler. Thank you.

    • Barbara Mascareno

      These skills are so important to learn for preschoolers. I’m so happy that your daughter can continue practicing these skills at home. I wish you all the best.

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