Spanish Bilingual Story Set: Earth History

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The Spanish Bilingual Story Set consists of four informational texts in English and Spanish. Each dual language story offers young readers parallel reading in English and Spanish in a narrative format. 

  • The Spanish Rock Cycle side-by-side reading describes the formation of rocks.
    • In each step, young readers explore the different phases of the rock cycle using colorful pictures and basic science terminology.
    • (14 color pages) 
  • The Spanish Dinosaurs parallel reading tells a simple story of dinosaurs and their life on Earth.
    • In simple to read science terms, bilingual readers discover the life and extinction of dinosaurs.
    • (12 black and white pages)
  • The Spanish Fossil bilingual informational text describes the process of fossilization using simple science vocabulary that bilingual readers will want to learn more.
    • In each color page, explorers dig into the dual text to learn about the different types of fossils and unique properties.
    • (10 color pages)
  • The Spanish Planets and Stars dual language in English and Spanish sparks the imagination of young readers by learning the fundamentals of star formation.
    • Within each color page, young bilinguals explore the different stages of how a star forms from particles to a massive celestial object.
    • (10 color pages)

Each Spanish Bilingual Story includes an English and Spanish glossary. 

Grade Level: 2-4

Standards: NGSS 2-ESS1-1, 3-LS4-1, 4-ESS1-1 (RI.2.1, RI.2.3, W.2.6, W.2.7, W.2.8, SL.2.2; RI.3.1, RI.3.2, W.3.1, W.3.2, W.3.8, W.4.7, W.4.8, W.4.9), (Standard 4 DLE)

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