Spanish Learning for Kids Literacy Set Grades 1 to 2 (Bonus gift included)

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Continue the Spanish learning journey with the Spanish Learning for Kids Literacy Set. This collection is ideal for young learners in grades 1 to 2. The Spanish learning set has more than 90 pages of fun-filled bilingual activities.

Along with reading informational text in English and Spanish, dual-language learners practice Spanish sight word identification, reading comprehension, and writing. Within each parallel reading, your children will encounter informational texts in engaging fun ways. 

  • The Spanish Farm Animals Bilingual Story is an independent side-by-side reading of farm animals in their natural habitat.
    • The story contains 12 pages in black and white.
  • The Spanish Planets and Stars Bilingual Story encourages young readers to learn about the stars and planets in a colorful narrative.
    • The text has 8 color pages. 
  • The Spanish Fall Season Bilingual Story describes how animals live and prepare during the fall season.
    • Young readers will enjoy reading this English-Spanish text in 8 colorful pages.
  • In the Spanish Flower Life Cycle Bilingual Story, young readers learn the life cycle of a flower in 12 colorful pages. 
  • With the Spanish Sight Words Mini-Book Collection 1, young learners interact with text throughout the narrative.
    • After reading the text, readers engage with reading comprehension activities. The collection contains the Spanish sight words Todo, Yo, Puedo, el/la in colorful 32 pages, including two answer sheets.
  • The Spanish Classroom Routines Writing Practice offers various reading and writing exercises in 12 black and white pages.
  • The Spanish learning set is not complete with additional writing practice. What do you get with the Spanish Writing Practice Set – Wild Animals? In 8 colorful pages, kids practice handwriting, letter identification, and fine-motor skills.
  • Also, the Spanish Writing Practice Set – Forest Animals has 7 colorful pages of engaging activities. 
  • Includes gift: Four Seasons Bilingual Story 

Each learning material includes the Common Core State Standards and the Spanish Development Language Standards. 

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