Spanish Learning for Kids Starter Set PreK to K (includes Free Gift)

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Begin the joy of learning Spanish with the Spanish Learning for Kids Starter Set PreK to K. In this ideal set of standard-based activities and reading text, students develop reading skills in more than one way.

This set also includes a Free Gift: My Spanish Germs Mini Book

Along with each reading passage, activities include comprehension, writing practice, and letter recognition. You don’t have to hunt for multiple resources to cover standards.

In this set, each learning material includes Common Core standards and Spanish Development Language Standards. 

  • The set includes the Spanish Alphabet printables with the Dashed Writing Practice and Ocean Animals Life worksheets (37 pages).
  • Also, the collection contains the Spanish Farm Animals and the Classroom Routines mini books (16 pages).
  • The Spanish Sight Words mini books of Hay, Y, Es, and Mi also make up the Spanish Learning for Kids Starter Set (12 pages).
  • Answer keys included. 
  • Free gift includedMy Spanish Germs Mini Book

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