Spanish Sight Words Mini-Books Collection 2 – (Hay, Mi, Y, Es)

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This Spanish Sight Words Collection 2 includes reading and writing practice in Spanish. Each mini-book of high-frequency words contributes to children’s literacy knowledge.

While each mini-book offers preparation in writing, young learners can use the mini books for reading too.

  • The HAY mini-book includes eight black and white pages, activities to practice numbers and the sight word HAY, Spanish writing practice to distinguish prepositions, identify print in sentences, and develop fine motor skills by cutting and organizing the mini-book. 
  • The MI mini-book consists of
    • eight black and white pages,
    • activities to practice Spanish writing,
    • identify print letters, and
    • recognize possessive pronouns.
  • The Y mini-book is made up of activities to support Spanish writing practice, identification of gender-specific articles, and recognition of singular and plural nouns.
  • The ES mini-book includes eight reading and writing pages with several activities. Each activity page offers
    • Spanish writing practice of the sight word in sentence structure and print.
    • The mini-book also supports contextual reading.

The Spanish Sight Words Collection 2 offers you four individual mini-books.

Aside from learning high-frequency words encountered in reading, children learn

  • letter print practice,
  • use of prepositions, and
  • reading comprehension.

Grade Level: K-1

RF.K.1, RF.K.1.A, RF.K.1.C, RF.K.2, Standard 2 DLE (Spanish Development Standard), RF.K.3.C, RF.K.4, RF.1.4.B

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