Six fun Spanish picture books for young children

Reading motivation to young children can sometimes be a challenge. Finding fun books to read together is not easy when topics of interest can vary so much. However, Laura Numeroff interprets the various interests of young children in these adorable picture books. Many children adore doing multiple activities but only for a short while. Nothing captivates children’s attention than identifying with each character in the stories. The books presented here are translated to Spanish. But you can also find these titles in English.

Spanish books for children

“Si llevas un ratón al cine” translated by Teresa Mlawer

How much fun can a little boy have by taking a mouse to the movie theater? He can have so much fun that the small mouse wants to build snowmen, sing Christmas carols, make holiday decorations, and so much more. This adorable story is perfect for children ages 5 and up.

ISBN: 0066238021

“Si le das un panqueque a una cerdita” translated by Teresa Mlawer

When a little girl feeds a pig pancakes, it is a start of a bubble bath, dance lessons, taking pictures, building a tree house, and so much more. Children ages 5 and up will enjoy reading this story.

ISBN: 0060283165

“Si le das un panecillo a un alce” translated by Teresa Mlawer

What happens when a little boy feeds a muffin to a moose on a crisp autumn afternoon? Nothing more than sewing a sweater, playing puppets, painting, and so much more, the moose just wants some jam on his muffins. This delightful story is fun to read for children ages 5 and up.

ISBN: 0060254408

“Si le haces una fiesta a una cerdita” translated by Teresa Mlawer

Pigs just want to have fun. And that’s how a little pig feels in this story. From riding roller coasters to throwing a great party to playing hide and seek, this pig just can’t resist having fun with his friends. This is a great book for children ages 5 and up.

ISBN: 9780060815325

“Si le das un pastelito a un gato” translated by Adriana Domínguez

Does a cat love cupcakes? Well, this little cat enjoys not only eating cupcakes but also to play at the beach, build sand castles, ride a carousel, go to the museum, and so much more. But it all stops when he returns home and finds delicious cupcakes, to which he would love to decorate. It is a great book to read to children ages 5 and up.

ISBN: 9780061804311

“Si llevas un ratón a la escuela” translated by Teresa Mlawer

How much fun can a mouse have in school? So much fun that he packs a lunch, learns some math, makes big messes out of science class, loves playing blocks, and adores lunch. But it is the end of school that he remembers his lunch box. And, of course, he also wants to return one more time. This is a great story to share with children ages 5 and up.

ISBN: 0060523409

Find these great books at your local library, bookstore or Amazon: Children Books. And read them with your kids to inspire literature in a fun way. Add them to your home library today.

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