Spanish books for children to learn about Thanksgiving

Giving thanks is an important part of Thanksgiving; it is also a great time to gather with families and friends. Since the first time the pilgrims gathered around their tables with Native Americans to celebrate this holiday, it was also a moment to recognize family and to give thanks for the harvest that year.

Amid the Thanksgiving parades, football games and feasts, this time is wonderful to share these great books. Many of these Spanish books are delightful stories to read with children and learn more about this holiday.

“Gracias: El pavo de Thanksgiving” by Joy Crowley, illustrated by Joe Cepeda, and translated by Susana Pasternac

In this adorable storybook, Miguel finds a true lesson in friendship and kindness. When his father sends him a turkey to look after until Thanksgiving, he learns a valuable lesson. He treats the turkey like a mascot. He feeds it and takes care of it like a pet. But as this holiday approaches, Miguel finds that the turkey is not a meal but a friend. This Spanish book is great to read to children ages 5 and up. ISBN: 9780590399647

“¡Felíz día de gracias, Gus!” by Jacklyn Williams, translated by Doug Cushman, and translated by Patricia Abello

When Gus and Beto have a school assignment to seek a photograph about being thankful, they find themselves seeking the answer in a farm. These friends will seek thanks in a garden, in a pumpkin harvest, and even during apple picking. But they find what to be thankful for when a turkey becomes their friend. This delightful picture book is a great read for children ages 10 and up, for its complex Spanish grammar and vocabulary. ISBN: 9781404826908

“El Día de Acción de Gracias: Un momento para agradecer” by Elaine Landau

In this nonfiction book, children can learn about the facts of Thanksgiving. From meals to parades, this holiday is a celebration of family and harvest time. It can be read in 4 easy-to-read chapters. This Spanish book also includes instructions for a fun craft and additional resources. It is a great resource for children ages 10 and up. ISBN: 0766026183

“Día de Acción de Gracias” by Connor Dayton and translated by Eduardo Alamán

In this bilingual book, children can learn fun facts about Thanksgiving. From family celebrations to learning about pilgrims, this holiday is a celebration of gatherings with friends and family. This nonfiction book also includes vocabulary resources. And it is a great book for children 5 and up. ISBN: 9781448867073

Dia de Accion de Gracias (Celebraciones en Los Estados Unidos) on Amazon

“Squanto y el primer Día de Acción de Gracias” by Joyce K. Kessel and illustrated by Lisa Donze

How did the pilgrims celebrate the first day of Thanksgiving and who taught them about harvest time? All these facts can be found in this historical book. Squanto and the Native Americans taught the newly arrived pilgrims about harvesting and being thankful about the fruits of their labors. This Spanish book also presents the harsh conditions the pilgrims faced as the winter approached. But they still persisted. And in 1864, President Lincoln acknowledged the importance of family and Thanksgiving. This book is a great read for children 12 and up. ISBN: 9780822577928

“Molly y los peregrinos” by Barbara Cohen and illustrated by Michael J. Deraney

Pilgrims came to America to seek religious freedom. And when Molly, who is from another country, is being bullied by her classmates at school, she tries to seek refuge in her culture. But it is when she needs to make a school project about Thanksgiving that Molly learns that having a different faith is part of being on a pilgrimage. This Spanish storybook is a great reading for children ages 12 and up. ISBN: 9781880507346

“¿Pavo para la Cena de Gracias? ¡No, gracias!” by Alma Flor Ada and illustrated by Vivi Escrivá

When a turkey is determined to avoid Thanksgiving, he makes a life-changing decision – to be healthy. The farmers were not happy to find a slim turkey. So he decides to escape his dreadful fate when he runs away into the forest. This Spanish delightful story is adequate for children ages 12 and up. ISBN: 9780613793711

Pavo Para La Cena De Gracias? No, Gracias (Spanish Edition) on Amazon

Thanksgiving is time for family and recognizing the importance of being thankful. After celebrating this great holiday with a feast, it is also a great time to cuddle up to read these books with the kids.

Find these great books at your local library, bookstore or Amazon: Children Books. And read them with your kids. Add them to your home library today.

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