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Academic email marketing tool

This post is made possible by Emma Resources, an email marketing software helping education campaigns at all levels, K-12 and higher-ed. Used by more than 800 universities around the world, Emma carries the academic message worldwide. 

Academic marketing was something I didn’t think existed in the world of sending electronic messages to prospective students, faculty, and staff. However, sending email, especially newsletters in colleges, becomes a new wave of communication. While thousands of students and faculty check emails every day, another component of email marketing takes part in the communication arena.

Besides opening emails on desktops and mobile devices, students also make decisions about careers based on how departments communicate.

So what is not to explore when it comes to academic email marketing? I was surprised to find out that email marketing is a necessity in talking with students in a digital world.

More students check grades and news on their mobile devices than anywhere else. A university or college campus needs adequate communication tools and academic marketing to get their message to students. How does a university with hundreds of departments, sections, and subsections organize cumulative years of student database and campaigns?

I was quite surprised to read Emma marketing offers email campaign, monitor dashboards, and databases. Actually, used by a wide range of top universities, Emma marketing works with academics to build fundraisers, send notifications about event ticket sales, and college news. Besides, I was intrigued to find out Emma helps with student databases and college departments to organize and keep track of active and inactive users.

Email marketing for college is a breeze with Emma. Colleges can use promo logos, colors, and branding in their emails and newsletters. Aside from a concise organizational tool, Emma marketing has a University Edition Dashboard, which is widely used by the University of South Carolina and Vanderbilt University Owen Graduate School of Management.

With so much information to organize an educational marketing campaign, seeking the right tools is overwhelming. So with Emma Resources such as the Podcast version of Behind the Glasses Emma, marketing tips are readily available.

Listening to a few podcasts with top marketers like Kindra Hall is eye-opening. In the latest podcast called Podcast 12: The irresistible power of storytelling with host Kyle Nordeen, Kindra helps you see the importance of storytelling for any brand, including academia.

Whether you need to communicate with students and faculty about the latest fundraiser or sports event, rely on a communication tool that supports organization, monitoring, and human connection. 

Anagram Interactive financially sponsored this post. All honest opinions are my own based on the information provided and my experience with Emma Email Marketing Resources. 

Barbara Mascareno

Barbara is an educational writer, teacher, and instructional designer. She loves to write K-12 education content, teaching strategies, bilingual education approaches, and foreign language.

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