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The Little Mermaid Spanish bilingual lesson

The Little Mermaid Spanish Bilingual Lesson

The Little Mermaid Spanish bilingual lesson is a great start to summer learning. There are many ways that you can use this bilingual story for summer lessons. Of course, besides read-aloud sessions, you can also incorporate hands-on activities like sand castle letter learning, Spanish alphabet scavenger hunt using a bucket and pail, and other fun sensory ideas. 

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Spanish lesson moon phases

Spanish Lesson: Moon Phases Bilingual Reading and Activities

A Spanish lesson about moon phases combines learning about the moon, Earth, and the Sun. When you know about these celestial objects and planets in the solar system, you can understand the various moon phases. The Spanish lesson consists of a bilingual reading in English and Spanish about the moon phases, how they occur, and what illuminates it. Alongside the bilingual story are charts, activities,…

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Spanish Winter Animals Lesson Plan

Spanish winter animals lesson plan consists of various ways to use the bilingual text of non-fiction passages. Along with these English-Spanish texts, you can also implement other activities. For instance, read-aloud activities can include group readings in English and Spanish. Many reading sessions can start with simple vocabulary exercises like bingo or scavenger hunt activities. Or, you can develop graphic organizers with a KWL (know-want-learned)…

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Spanish Lesson About Farm Animals

Spanish lesson about farm animals incorporates English-Spanish words, fun learning games, and reading. Using bilingual text of non-fiction reading about farm animals motivates bilingual readers to identify bilingual words. They can recognize words with reading comprehension as they immerse in the text. Add fun, hands-on activities to enhance their learning.   Spanish Lesson About Farm Animals In a Spanish lesson about farm animals, your bilingual…

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papel picado tutorial

Papel Picado Tutorial and Bilingual Reading

Papel picado tutorial and bilingual reading are fantastic ways to supplement your Spanish learning. Hispanic lessons often use papel picado for crafts, activities, or history events. As part of Hispanic culture, learning how to create and use papel picado adds cultural awareness to your lessons. There is a rich history behind papel picado. In this Spanish lesson, you’ll learn about papel picado, read a fun…

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back to school resources

Back to School Resources

Back-to-school resources supply bilingual educators and families with activities and ideas to prepare for school. As preparation for school can be daunting and overwhelming, create strategies to help your bilingual learners return to school. Besides using checklists and to-do lists, add other activities. Activities include read-aloud of your favorite book, creating lunch ideas, or shopping for your favorite outfit or backpack.

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Spanish lesson about insects

Spanish Lesson About Insects

Spanish lesson about insects includes materials to help bilingual students understand different types of insects. Learning about insects is a great lesson to start in the summer. Students can see the various insects in backyards, outdoor events, and playgrounds. So, incorporate a theme of insects that will bring Spanish learning to fun experiences. For Spanish4Kiddos members:

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Spanish summer stories

Spanish Summer Stories for Kids

Spanish summer stories are ideal ways to get bilingual readers to read. There are many bilingual stories to entertain children. You can select stories that inspire, motivate their curiosity, and dazzle the imagination. Summer bilingual stories add another level of learning. With Spanish summer stories, bilingual readers can engage with the English-Spanish text, characters and have fun learning.

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sea turtle bilingual reading

Sea Turtle Bilingual Reading

Sea turtle bilingual reading is a wonderful way to learn about ocean life. The ocean habitat is a great theme to introduce summer learning for camp or to encourage summer reading. Besides, encourage bilingual readers to read fun stories in English and Spanish during the summer. That way, they can prevent the summer slide and enjoy the summer too…. This content is for Thriving Bloom,…...

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