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Spanish Winter Animals Lesson Plan

Spanish winter animals lesson plan consists of various ways to use the bilingual text of non-fiction passages. Along with these English-Spanish texts, you can also implement other activities.

For instance, read-aloud activities can include group readings in English and Spanish. Many reading sessions can start with simple vocabulary exercises like bingo or scavenger hunt activities.

Or, you can develop graphic organizers with a KWL (know-want-learned) format. This Spanish lesson is also ideal for comparing and contrasting Arctic and Antarctica animals and habitats. 

Spanish Winter Animals Lesson Plan

In this Spanish lesson plan, you could begin with a review of the vocabulary of winter animals. One way to review is to use index cards with terms in English or Spanish.

  • Then, ask students to match each term. You can use images or pictures of each winter animal for visual learners.
  • Next, ask them to find the terms in English and Spanish.
  • Or, you can use the digital format for a display on your board using a projector or SMART board, if one is available.
  • You can use the word search and matching cards at Crafts4Kiddos – Winter Animals Matching Learning Games. 

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