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Curriculum planning resources for successful teaching

Curriculum planning is more than creating organizers to help you map out standards. When you use a plan to map out the curriculum, you’re making your teaching more efficient.

Even before you develop your lesson plans, a curriculum map allows you to consider the most relevant standards in the year.

Although not every class will move at the same pace, teaching with a curriculum map makes your teaching easier to plan throughout the whole year.

Why do you need curriculum planning

Imagine going on vacation without a map, a GPS, or a guide. What do you think the outcome would be if you don’t know how to organize your vacation?

It would not be fun. That is the same way a curriculum map works for you.

Planning helps you organize standards and lessons plans daily, weekly, and monthly. More importantly, outlining the standards you’ll cover during the school year will help you at the end of the year to assess what worked or not.

It is a time for reflection about what truly helps your students learn some of the most difficult concepts. Also, mapping the curriculum is a useful way to collaborate with other teachers.

Especially, as you begin to get into more complicated concepts of teaching, you might want to consider how to break down standards. A good way to simplify more than one complex standard is to use curriculum mapping.

When you use curriculum planning, you can chart each project with the corresponding standard. Then, you can continue to map out the rest of the curriculum.

curriculum planning

Curriculum planning templates

Although there are numerous ways to organize your curriculum, you might want to plan templates or graphic organizers easy to use. Once you find a template you want to use, make sure to make a master template.

A master template helps you make multiple copies and adjust your lessons accordingly.

Here is a list to help you get started with curriculum planning:

  • Rubicon

When you access Rubicon, you will get a variety of templates. Make sure to select a model that quickly displays the standards and benchmarks.

In addition to the basics, you might also want to designate assessments, differentiated instruction, and technology integration.

  • EL Education

As you use Google Drive to store and access your teaching documents easily, a platform like EL Education is for you.

Many of the templates are stored in one easy to access folder in Google Drive.

  • CTE Online

College readiness at any grade level is a teaching technique to keep on hand. With CTE online, it offers many templates in various industries as well as K-12 subjects.

  • Chalk

A platform designed for teachers, Chalk offers a walkthrough of the how to create a curriculum map step-by-step. The curriculum planning also provides you instruction, assessment, and analytics development.

  • Curriculum Mapping Scholastics

Get all the great tips of teachers are using at Scholastic mapping. The article provides you with tips to create curriculum planning efficiently.

The course includes 22 lessons and 18 instructional videos with bonus lesson plan templates and samples. Create an organized way to teach and learn Spanish.

Annual curriculum planning ideas

Consider curriculum planning in different phases: vertical, horizontal, subject-area, and interdisciplinary coherence. In each step, you can customize each lesson according to your needs.

Which coherence stage is right for your class?

  • Vertical Coherence

When students learn a lesson, the learning achievements carry from one lesson to another. With a vertical strategy for curriculum mapping, your lessons follow a structured sequence.

  • Horizontal Coherence

In horizontal coherence, the purpose of learning consists of what students are learning during the school year. Although it is less structured, teachers collaborate to assess and evaluate the learning in each class.

  • Subject-Area Coherence

More for subject specific teaching, subject-area coherence maps out the curriculum based on specific standards. Within the subject-area coherence, you meet the needs of each topic throughout the year.

  • Interdisciplinary Coherence

One of the most difficult types of curriculum mapping is interdisciplinary coherence. With this teaching strategy, students learn core competencies.

When they apply necessary skills to their learning material, they will be more prepared to approach any subject.

Curriculum planning takes commitment and organization. When you plan, organize, and develop your curriculum mapping, in the end, it saves you time and manages your lessons more efficiently.

Barbara Mascareno

Barbara is an educational writer, teacher, and instructional designer. She loves to write K-12 education content, teaching strategies, bilingual education approaches, and foreign language.

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