Discover the best bilingual graphic organizers

Seeking the best bilingual graphic organizers is not an easy task. You might be wondering how even to choose the right one for your class? Look no further! I have a collection of the best bilingual graphic organizers.

If you don’t know how to use bilingual graphic organizers, it’s okay. You don’t need a nuclear energy degree. Some graphic organizers fold or arrange in boxes. Keep in mind that students need easy to follow instructions.

So, don’t panic if you can’t figure out bilingual graphic organizers. Most of the content shown here have clear, easy instructions to follow.

bilingual graphic organizers


Useful reading graphic organizers

One of the first types of bilingual graphic organizers you want in your lessons is for reading. In fact, reading, bilingual graphic organizers make a great addition to ELL students and foreign language learners.

Reading graphic organizers help language learners put together their thoughts without demanding grammar rules. Here, students use their creativity to build up vocabulary and basic terms.

1. The following curated content is from West Virginia Department of Education:

This site shows several vocabulary building graphic organizers. These worksheets are easily adaptable to a foreign language or an ELL class.

  • Blank Frayer Model – Dorothy Frayer designed this graphic organizer. The model is perfect to teach students to organize vocabulary terms while reading the text.
  • Vocabulary cluster – Students engage better when words or phrases gather in bubbles. This type of model is beneficial to gather ideas.
  • Concept Map – This bilingual graphic organizer puts information in a very visual format. Students collect information while reading and organize the most important points.

2.  Pinterest has a realm of useful pins for reading graphic organizers. Before you get overwhelmed by many pins available, check this search on Pinterest for graphic vocabulary organizer.

bilingual graphic organizers

Helpful Charts and Maps for Word Study

3.  The Radnor Township School District offers many useful categories of graphic organizers. Notably, the Ithan Elementary School site provides a section of Word Study and Vocabulary Graphic Organizers. These are easily adaptable to any language class.

  • Knowledge Charts – Similar to a KWL chart, the Knowledge charts are handy to keep track of word study during reading time.
  • Thinking Trees – While it is a somewhat different graphic organizer, this model has boxes arranged in various ways. Having the boxes in a different arrangement allows students to make various types of reading connections.
  • Word Jars – These bilingual graphic organizers are a great addition to any reading session.

4.  The Building RTI Capacity at the University of Texas at Austin, Texas has a great selection of graphic organizers for ELL students and language learners. Many of the categories have the Spanish version of different types of graphic organizers.

  • Bubble Map – Within this graphic organizer, you let students use their imagination how they want to create their information. Bubble maps are great for adding words for short or novel stories.
  • Vocabulary Graphic Organizer: Semantic Organizer – As a graphic organizer, this resource shows students to look up definitions, use compare-contrast words, and create sentences using different forms of the word.

5.  If you’ve ever heard of the Frayer Model as a graphic organizer for language and why everyone’s using it, check out The Teacher Tool Kit site. In this resource, you’ll find a great video explaining the method and how to use it. It offers great instructions and easy to follow steps, which you may print from the site.

Easy bilingual graphic organizers

Of course, finding foreign language graphic organizers might be like finding a needle in a haystack. But, here a few options you can try.

1. The Spanish Plans is a great resource in offering graphic organizers to use in your Spanish class. It has plenty of details on how to make them and even display them. The hand (mano) graphic organizer makes a pleasant and fun activity for any class.

2. The Ayuda Gráficas Education Place is like walking in a candy store. There are many options to choose from the English and Spanish graphic organizers. From tables, graphs, diagrams, and charts, these resources are free and easy to print.

3. The Bilingual Reading Resources from Teacher DePaul has an incredible amount of graphic organizers in English and Spanish. You can print many of these graphic organizers in English or Spanish.

4. The Cuaderno Intercultural is a Spanish based website. With everything in Spanish, it has numerous graphic organizers and tools to teach Spanish.

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