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Earth Day Resources

Earth Day resources are valuable ways to encourage bilingual students to think about helping Earth. You can also use these resources to emphasize Spanish vocabulary terms in science, reading, and other topics.

Earth Day or Earth Week is a wonderful theme to learn about recycling, reasons to help Earth, and how to help communities.

Earth Day Resources

If this is your first year to discuss or plan a lesson around Earth Day or Earth Week, you can begin with a brief introduction. For instance, educators celebrate Earth Day every year on April 22nd.

The initiative of Earth Day began in 1970 with an approach to help communities become environmentally friendly. Later on, educators use this theme to teach about the environment and the three Rs – recycle, reduce, and reuse methods. 

How can you start with lesson planning and develop fun Earth Day activities using valuable Earth Day resources?

Earth Day Resources: Classroom and Home

  • The Prodigy Game site has a wonderful list of Earth Day resources and activities you can do in the classroom or at home. You can create a fun learning experience on how to help Earth with simple items. 
  • The Houghton Mifflin Harcourt site has excellent resources sorted by grade level. You can easily search for the type of activity to do based on grades. 
  • The SplashLearn blog has different activities you can try in the classroom and at home. Many of the activities are simple, with straightforward instructions.  
  • The Jet Propulsion Laboratory NASA at California Institute of Technology has fascinating resources on Earth, Earth Day, and lesson plan activities. They also include an extensive list of resources, activities, and webinars. 
  • The Teach Engineering site from the Univ. of Colorado at Boulder has specific STEM activities for children. Each lesson and activity includes NGSS standards and objectives. That way, you are sure to use a resource to support science literacy and STEM. 
  • S4K Earth Science Bilingual Resources has valuable Earth Day resources in English and Spanish for bilingual educators and families. The Earth Day bilingual activities include creating paper mache globes, recycling sorting by reusing materials at home, and reading activities. 
  • The Earth Day YouTube playlist also includes videos on how to make a bird feeder or how to grow a plant. These activities and others are excellent ways to bring bilingual learning in Spanish. 

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