Educational app for kids review: Petralingua Spanish language course

As technology evolves to be in our everyday lives, it is also part of the lives of many children. In fact, many children now have more computers in the classroom than decades before. Young elementary school students embrace each day with math drills or language quizzes when they participate in computer labs.

Even parents are getting in the action with tablets and cellular phones to help children enrich language skills. What’s more important is that children are increasing their vocabulary when they engage in app games and videos.

Escuela (School)
Escuela (School)

The Petralingua Spanish language course is ideal for young children between the ages 4 and 7. It is a wonderful app that can help students learn Spanish while having fun. As a matter of fact, the app is comprised of 21 lessons with each subsection of fun interactive activities.

In each section, you’ll find lots of videos for children to learn to pronounce food, animals, toys, colors, clothes, and so much more in Spanish. Then, at the end of each section, several quizzes are available to test the knowledge of each participant.

To further enhance the learning experience, children can sing along with fun songs related to each lesson. In addition to songs for learning, the online course offers matching, fill in the blanks, and short quizzes for parents to evaluate children’s knowledge as they progress through the lesson.

About Petralingua:

We’re a publishing house specialized in schoolbooks. I have been working as a German textbook editor and author for the past 10 years developing all kinds of materials for students and teachers. PetraLingua was developed from a program that was originally intended for classrooms so it offers all the necessary elements to form the lessons – video introductions, a lot of revision sequences and songs, activity book and flashcards – but now comes in a less obliging and even more cheerful version.

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