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Hispanic Heritage Month Activities

Hispanic Heritage Month activities can vary depending on grade levels. For early grades, you might consider simple, straightforward activities.

In comparison, in the upper grades, learning about Hispanic culture can create more meaningful experiences. That is, older children could begin to ask about different cultures and other places as they get to know classmates.

If your classroom is a bilingual class full of wonderful children of various backgrounds, doing a cultural lesson can broaden a child’s perspective of the world. 

Hispanic Heritage Month Lesson Resources

The grade level of your class might indicate what type of resources you might need. Perhaps, you need an introductory video for younger students.

However, a teacher-directed inquiry with a series of questions might be a good start for older students. Regardless of how you introduce the concept of Hispanic Heritage, you might want to consider valuable resources.

For instance, please take a look at educational videos that engage your students to deepen their thinking with thought out questions. Also, seek resources that develop historical facts to emphasize the purpose of celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month.

Similarly, look for those resources that explain and describe the meaning of celebrating Hispanic heritage. Besides informational text, take a moment to address misconceptions about the celebration.

For instance, the month is not a celebration of Mexico’s independence. Although Mexico’s independence occurs on September 16th (not May 5th), the month celebrates Hispanic figures contributing to American culture, literature, and the arts.

The Hispanic Heritage Month activities can include lessons on cultural awareness for the classroom. 

Hispanic Heritage Month activities

Hispanic Heritage Activities

As inclusive as the Hispanic Heritage Month events can be, many students will better understand the celebration with grade-level activities. 


  • Free printables for the Hispanic Heritage Month activities
  • Color paper
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Pencils, markers, or crayons
  • Ribbon or twine

Activity #1: Hispanic Figure Matching Cards

The matching cards are ideal for students in grades K-1. Whether you use the pictures or description cards, young learners read about various Hispanic contributors. 


  • Print and cut the eight cards of the Hispanic figures
  • Optional: remove the name from the card or keep 
  • Set aside 
  • Print and cut the matching accomplishments for each Hispanic person
  • Place the cards face down on a flat surface
  • Use the key to help in identifying each name
  • Turn over each card and match with the accomplishment card

If two or more children play together, you might want to consider using rewards such as stickers, fun pencils, or extra computer time. 

Activity #2: Hispanic Writing Practice

Students in grades 1-2 engage with writing, developing ideas, and group discussion with this writing practice. 


  • Print out the writing practice worksheet
  • Use the beginning prompt to ask children what Hispanic Heritage Month means to them
  • Ideas may include: culture, new friends, learning about new places
  • You might want to write a few examples on the board or give out cards with terms
  • Then, ask children to draw what it would mean to live in a Hispanic country

If children can’t seem to come up with ideas, you could include pictures or videos of famous Hispanic places

Activity #3: Fun Hispanic Pennants 

Motivate preschool and young students to create a fun pennant that you can add to your classroom wall, bulletin board, or room. 


  • Print out and cut the pennants from the template for each child in your class or homeschool group
  • Set aside
  • Print and cut the flag and food icons
  • Encourage students to use a Hispanic country icon with another flag or food
  • Paste these combinations on the pennant
  • Ask children to name one thing they learned from Hispanic Heritage Month
  • Use ribbon or twine to fold the top of each pennant and hang around the room or bulletin board 

Optional: You could also focus on a theme word like culture, friend, amigo/amiga, family

If you’re using a theme word, you might want to consider writing that word. In that way, your students will have the term on the pennant. Also, you can write students’ names on the back of each pennant. 

Hispanic Heritage Month activities are not limited to this list. Of course, you could include food recipes, family photos, or a collection of flags worldwide.

The most valuable part of teaching cultural awareness in the classroom or homeschool is bringing all your class cultures and backgrounds together. 

All the free resources and printables are available under the Hispanic Culture section at the Library of Resources when you become a member and receive our newsletter. 

Barbara Mascareno

Barbara is an educational writer, teacher, and instructional designer. She loves to write K-12 education content, teaching strategies, bilingual education approaches, and foreign language.

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