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Hispanic Heritage Month Resources

Celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month (HHM) is a beautiful opportunity to bring in cultural knowledge about Hispanic influencers in your community. What are some ways you implement Hispanic awareness in the classroom?

Foster a sense of community in the class by using this event to talk about different types of cultures. Besides using posters, videos, essays, and other projects focus on the relevance of this annual event.

Many cities celebrate heritage month by displaying art exhibits, festivals, and music.

Here are a few suggestions to build your knowledge about this cultural event in your classroom: 

National Resources for Hispanic Heritage Month

National Hispanic Heritage Month (National HHM)

As part of the Library of Congress, the National HHM website dedicates this space to Hispanic influencers in American arts, museums, and wartime. The site has four main sections: Exhibits and Collections, Audio and Video, For Teachers, and Images.

Explore it to find excellent information about resources for teachers to use in your daily lesson planning or field trip.

National Education Association – National Hispanic Heritage Month K-5

Many teachers are familiar with the NEA site. It dedicates a section to the National HHM.

This specific part consists of Lesson Plans, Activities, Multimedia, Printables, Quizzes, and Background Resources. Grouped by grades for most resources, it is a handy tip to organize your lesson planning.

Smithsonian Education – Hispanic Heritage Teaching Resources

The Smithsonian Education site is a reliable resource for teachers in any subject and dedicates this month in many ways. From literature to favorite television shows, this site commemorates all aspects of Hispanic influencers.

Library of Congress – For Teachers

The Library of Congress is another fantastic resource for teachers. Here, you can discover helpful ways to use historical figures to events into lesson planning. The site offers field trips, classroom materials, and professional development information.

hispanic heritage month

Lesson Planning Ideas for Cultural Enhancement

National Writing Project – Resources for Teaching Hispanic Heritage Month

Why not celebrate this month by writing prose? Encourage your students to put thoughts into a paper about what this event means. With the National Writing Project, you will find plenty of ideas to use essay prompts, books, stories, and even ELL implementation into lessons.

National Endowment for the Humanities – EDSITEment! National Hispanic Heritage Month

From literature to culture, the EDSITEment! site provides plenty of program ideas to use in your daily lessons. A realm of lesson resources and easy to find places appear in each section. 

National Park Service – Celebrate HHM

The National Park Service site has a specific section for teachers and educator with a wealth of information. From people to stories and preservation, there is plenty of helpful tools to use in daily lessons and projects.

Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) – Celebrate Latino Heritage and Culture with Public Television!

The PBS site dedicates this yearly event with traditional video clips, movies, and stories about Hispanics that left an incredible impact on culture. Contemporary mentors, musicians, and artists promote the Hispanic culture at this traditional educational resource. 

Local Events and Resources for Hispanic Heritage Month

Syracuse University Arts and Culture

Why not visit your local museums or community centers in your area? Check out the College of Arts and Sciences at Syracuse University for the latest events.

From a cultural center to exhibitions, you can learn about different aspects of the HHM.

City of Orlando

Do you live in the sunshine state? Go for a visit to Orlando for the most current events and activities. The Terrace Gallery has the most outstanding selection of exhibitions.

Houston Public Library – Hispanic Heritage Month

Are you located in the Lone Star State? The Houston Public Library is hosting several events.

The Houston Library is offering a LibroFEST and a Post-Storm Expo program for those affected by Hurricane Harvey. A Mexican American Food History and an exclusive art collection promote the significance of HHM.

ABC7Chicago – National Museum of Mexican Art

The National Museum of Mexican Art in Chicago features its collection of Placemaking and Landmarks and the Day of the Dead tribute. 

North of Boston Library Exchange – HHM

The Boston Library Exchange offers plenty of ideas for lesson planning. Much of their resources focused on projects, activities, and cultural information.

More Events and Resources

Kid World Citizen

Within this great resource, you can find more information about Hispanic Heritage celebrations around the world. You can learn about different Hispanic countries and their different cultures since it provides more than 35 sources.

PopSugar Latina

Learn about significant Latino influencers from the screen and more. At PopSugar Latina, you will find vast resources for learning about contemporary figures in our world and current issues.

Scholastics – 24 Great Ideas for Hispanic Heritage Month

Want practical activities to use in your daily lessons? Check out the Scholastic’s version of Hispanic Heritage month list. It features crafts, stories, and events.

Do you celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month every year or you’re just starting this year? If not, I hope these resources will inspire you to use them in your lessons or projects.

Hispanic cultural awareness is an essential part of teaching and learning.

Barbara Mascareno

Barbara is an educational writer, teacher, and instructional designer. She loves to write K-12 education content, teaching strategies, bilingual education approaches, and foreign language.

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