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Hispanic museums: 7 best places to visit with kids

Hispanic museums are great field trip experiences. Field trips can be an exciting educational adventure for children. Many of these trips can even be scheduled at the end or beginning of the school year as a special treat.

And some field trips can be to amazing cultural places like Hispanic art museums. Museums are institutions that give the community with history and cultural information unlike learned from textbooks.

Children can learn at first hand about how artists have molded the Hispanic cultural arena with paintings, music, sculptures and dance. With so many Hispanic museums in the United States, here is a brief list of the seven most amazing cultural museums:

Cultural Centers and Museums

Smithsonian Latino Center – Located in Washington D.C., this magnificent museum has a special section dedicated to the education of children in K-12 grades. The bilingual classes are composed of educational activities, which meets all the National Standards.

The bilingual workshops are classifies as the Arts/Humanities and the Arts/Sciences. In the Arts/Humanities classes, students learn about art works based on the Smithsonian’s Division of Community Education of Puerto Rico. Instructors use audiovisuals to present the material followed by activities. In the Arts/Science workshops, students learn about science methods and arts based on U.S and Argentine works of arts. Students later create their own works of arts using the methods learned from the workshop.

National Hispanic Cultural Center – Located in Albuquerque, New Mexico, this Latino cultural retreat comprises programs in music, art and literary events. It also offers Spanish immersion programs at the Instituto Cervantes, which is a collaboration with Spain. Besides housing the most prestigious art and literary Hispanic works, this center also offers Spanish classes, events for children throughout the year, family events, and diverse eclectic dances.

Mexic-Arte Museum – Located in Austin, Texas, this spectacular cultural refuge has more than 1500 Mexican, Latino and Latin American works of arts. It also offers workshops for all ages such as art classes, and gallery guides of special collections. And it also offers special activities for family days. For teens, the museum offers a special class “Screen It!”, which students can gather to learn about the art printing process using computer software.

hispanic museums

Hispanic Art Museums

Latino Art Museum – Located in Pomona, California, this newly cultural preserve of paintings and photographs houses countless exhibitions. It is also part of the ‘The LOWKEYS Children’s Art Foundation’, helping children of all ages to be inspired by art and music.

Museum of Latin American Art – Located in Long Beach, California, it provides special guided tours and educational workshops for schools. They also offer family events and Free Sundays sponsored by Target. For artistic children, the museum offers Summer Art Camp.

National Museum of Mexican Art – Located in Chicago, Illinois, this refuge of more than 7000 Mexican works of arts provides bilingual art summer classes, weekend, after-school, and family workshops. Many of the educational events incorporate contemporary works of art. They also offer various artistic programs for K-12 grades.

The Hispanic Society of American Museum and Library – Located in New York City on Audubon Terrace, this cultural treasure is categorized in Early Spain, Medieval Art, Golden Age and Modern Art. Besides owing many artifacts, sculptures and paintings, it possesses the original copies and translations of the most famous Hispanic literary contribution: Don Quixote by Miguel de Cervantes.

Are any of these Hispanic museums close to where you live? Will you visit any of these cultural places?

Barbara Mascareno

Barbara is an educational writer, teacher, and instructional designer. She loves to write K-12 education content, teaching strategies, bilingual education approaches, and foreign language.

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