How is the winter solstice around the world?

For many parts of the World, the winter season has arrived (or perhaps summer); depending on which hemisphere you live in. But let us consider how winter is described in the Northern Hemisphere. The solstice and equinox dates mark the beginning of summer and winter, with the solstice date in June being the longest day of summer and equinox date in September being the beginning of fall. But what is the marking point of winter?

Winter begins with the solstice date in December. On this date, the winter solstice was the longest night or shortest day in the calendar year. As the Earth rotates around its own axis and around the Sun, the Sun has reached its lowest point. This created the darkest day of the calendar year for people that live in the Northern Hemisphere.

Field of trees covered with snow

Since there is little or no sunlight, it is definitely the beginning for trees to completely lose its leaves, for animals to finish collecting food and gather all necessary resources, for most birds to migrate, and other animals to hibernate. Many places where winter is prevalent, snow, snowstorms, and very extreme cold temperatures will dominate for months.

This type of condition prevents animals from seeking and hunting food and water. To compensate for this, animals have evolved to hibernate or migrate to other places on Earth to survive. In this way, animals are able to conserve energy or seek other sources of food to endure the winter season.

This is also an opportunity to await the arrival of their offspring, which will continue on with the genetic legacy of the species. The arrival of newly offspring in spring ensures the continuity of the species and evolution.

What are some signs that winter or summer has arrived in your hometown?

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