How to run an effective bilingual morning preschool routine

An effective bilingual morning preschool routine occurs when the classroom environment operates systematically. Does this mean that children have to follow instructions in a robotic mode?

An active classroom offers children the opportunity to foster learning and creativity. With so many interactive tools available for teachers, learning with scissors, glue, paint, crayons, and other writing tools become second nature.

A morning preschool routine involves reading a book, creating stories, and painting the imagination with innovative ideas. While computer software and technology promotes learning in more engaging ways, learning through computers does not have to be the only way to learn.

morning preschool routine

Learning involvement using nursery rhymes

For any bilingual morning preschool routine, use nursery rhymes to involve children in rhyming and reading. One way to engage children is to have anchor charts throughout the classroom. Post different nursery rhymes in different languages or print.

At Spanish4Kiddos, you’ll find several Spanish nursery rhymes that you can cut, paste, and hang in different colors or posters. The following video shows you tips to incorporate nursery rhymes in the classroom. Besides acting as anchor charts, you can use Spanish nursery rhymes as printable worksheets for practicing writing in morning preschool routines.

Simply, print, cut, and choose your favorite writing tool. You also have the option to laminate the sheets for future use. If you don’t have access to a laminator, you can use protector sheets and a dry erase marker.

Here is what Keynote speaker, author, and K-5 tech teacher, Shelly Sanchez Terrell, shares about Spanish Nursery Rhymes Workbook:

“The Bilingual Spanish Nursery booklet is a fun way to motivate children to be bilingual. This booklet, full of colorful characters, encourages families and teachers to spend time with children reciting favorite and familiar nursery rhymes. Children will enjoy seeing the words in both Spanish and English.” 

By Shelly Sanchez Terrell from 30goals

Shelly is a life-long educator and founder of #edchat and @edspeakersco @TESOL. Learn more about Shelly about her education mission in technology and mom on Twitter @ShellyTerrell

You can get your Free copy of the Spanish Nursery Rhymes here.

Achieving fine-motor skills during morning preschool routine

While morning preschool routine often fills classrooms with busyness and trying to get ready for the day, learning doesn’t have to be the last on the to-do list. Whether you’re teaching in a classroom or a homeschool, using simple tools to instruct children about routines doesn’t have to be complicated.

Begin with having tables set up with favorite writing tools like preschool pencils, color pencils, and crayons. As morning instruction starts, use writing practice sheets to review letters, numbers, and phrases.

In bilingual classrooms, you can use a set of theme writing practice worksheets. Perhaps, you use a theme in your class such as a fall theme or learning about harvest time during the fall season. Encourage students learning new vocabulary and writing with printables that perform more than one job.

Our Spanish4Kiddos writing practice printables allow children to practice letter identification, sentence structure, fine-motor skills, writing, and science. As Jamie Nichole, mom educator and life coach, explains, her son Jaxson enjoyed doing the writing practice and learn a little bit more Spanish.

Reviews by parent educators

“I did this worksheet with my 5 year old and he loved it. This was his first introduction to Spanish so it was fun to see him learn his first word.  Also, the applications of writing and cutting/pasting made it fun for him and reinforced the lesson. The only recommendation I have is to have somewhere on the worksheet what the sentence says in English. We assumed “ardilla” means squirrel but we didn’t know what the rest of the sentence said. Otherwise, this is something we would definitely incorporate into our weekly homework routine!”

By Jamie Nichole from

Of course, Jamie has a point. In future videos and audio, I’ll show you the pronunciation of the many forest animals and other captivating creatures that appear in our worksheets.

Jamie Nichole is a life and goal strategist helping other women achieve successes big and small through goal planning, motivation, and accountability. If you dream it, you can achieve it and she can show you how! Learn more about Jamie and how she can help you by visiting her website

Another mom educator and entrepreneur, Grace Aspinwall, mentions how her daughter used the worksheet. With a background in Spanish, Grace’s daughter was able to complete the worksheet in no time. The squirrel writing practice printable supported her, learning in Spanish and had fun cutting the letters.

“We used the Spanish worksheet with my daughter who is in first grade and who has completed a year of beginning Spanish. She really enjoyed the worksheet, especially the part where you cut out the letters and paste them on. She was able to work on it independently with little help, and loved the process. It took her about 5 minutes, and I found it to be a useful and easy-to-use option for language learning. It would be ideal in the car or on the go, as well”

Learn more about Grace Aspinwall at

By Grace Aspinwall from AspinwallCollective

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While the Spanish4Kiddos teaching resources aim to support teachers and parents alike in the learning journey of Spanish, our printables can be used by many students at different levels of learning.

Whether you want to incorporate a few minutes a day or supplement a morning preschool routine, our resources help you build lesson plans and activities with ease.

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