Spanish books for kids to learn about ladybugs

What’s more amazing than to find tiny ladybugs in your garden? Well, these insects are wonders of nature that help plants stay healthy. And there are many great picture books to educate children about ladybugs.

Even the life cycle of ladybugs is an amazing lesson in science. Although it can be complicated to understand for many children, many nonfiction books prepare this science miracle in simple terms. What are some great books to teach children about ladybugs?

Here are six delightful picture books that present facts about ladybugs with wonderful stories and illustrations.

Spanish books about ladybugs

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“La mariquita malhumorada” by Eric Carle

How can a grouchy ladybug learn to be nice to others? She learns to be polite when other animals are nice to her. In this adorable Spanish story, children can read about different types of animals. This translated story is beautifully illustrated, too. ISBN: 9780060270896

“Lola trae regalos” by Noemi Villamuza

It’s a great time for gifts when Lola brings them to her friends. This delightfully Spanish story is great for toddlers. The board picture book is perfect for little hands. ISBN: 8466706038

“La mariquita Lara” by Christine Florie

In this early literacy Spanish picture book, children can read about ladybug Lara and her quest to find her spots. She looks everywhere until she finds them in an unexpected place. ISBN: 9780516253053

“Cómo crece una mariquita” by Katie Marsico

In this nonfiction Spanish book, children can learn about the facts of ladybugs. From life cycles to the types of ladybugs, in 10 simple chapters children will learn about the magnificent life of these bugs. ISBN: 9780531207109

“La mariquita” by Christian Marie

Ladybugs are amazing insects. And in this nonfiction picture book, many interesting facts are presented. From what are their spots for and why some ladybugs go through molting during metamorphosis, children can wonder with amazement about the life of ladybugs. ISBN: 8478642358

“¿Soy realmente diferente?” by Evelien van Dort and Gerda Westerink

What’s a ladybug to do with only one spot and not fitting in with the rest of the ladybugs? Although she seeks high and low for answers, one wise ladybug tells her all she needs is to have is confidence in herself. This Spanish picture book presents one very important message to children – you’re unique in every way and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. ISBN: 8489825319

Find these great books at your local library, bookstore or Amazon: Children’s section. And read them with your kids to inspire literature in a fun way. Add them to your home library today.

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