Spanish Halloween Vocabulary for Early Readers

Spanish Halloween vocabulary is a fantastic time to get students excited about learning Spanish. Most classrooms fill walls with fall or Halloween decor. So, Halloween terms are already surrounding children.

That is the perfect opportunity to teach them various elements of Halloween. Maybe you have a particular theme for fall, which makes it easier to point out vocabulary words.

Also, most teachers will host a celebration about Halloween, too. Besides, this is the time of year most children will be fascinated by dressing up in their favorite character. 

Spanish Instruction Theme

As most students are familiar with Halloween, knowing the terms in English and Spanish needs practice.

  • By using Spanish Halloween vocabulary terms in anchor charts or word walls, you can quickly post them all month long.
  • If you probably use curriculum themes in your instruction, you know the ease of creating lessons or activities.
  • For instance, Halloween serves the excellent starting point to address Spanish literature, general science concepts, and other core subjects.
  • That is the best part of using theme curriculums that you can adapt according to the learning needs of students.
  • When you restrict your instruction to a structured pattern of a curriculum, you have no room to accommodate students with learning needs.
  • Sometimes, a custom curriculum that meets your classroom needs is the best option.

Instead of a general curriculum that falls between serving one group of students and not others, take the time to see which lessons are better for your students. With a Spanish Halloween vocabulary lesson, that is the ideal time to introduce simple words. Then, nourish students’ learning with reading or bilingual stories. 

Spanish Halloween vocabulary

Spanish Halloween Vocabulary

While there are many terms for Halloween, the following list consists of the most common words. Along with the traditional Halloween names, you can use a variation of the vocabulary.

Many of these Spanish words also associate fall terms. So, they can cross-reference other lessons such as learning about fall, seasons, and types of foods.

The more you relate Spanish Halloween vocabulary to other areas of learning, students acquire multiple language skills. 

  • pumpkin = calabaza
  • ghost = fantasma
  • witch = bruja 
  • scarecrow = espantapájaro
  • bat = murciélago
  • candy = golosinas or caramelos
  • spiderweb = telaraña
  • spider = araña 
  • candy corn = maíz dulce
  • owl = lechuza or búho
  • acorn = bellotas
  • black cat = gato negro
  • costume = disfraz
  • Halloween = Día de Noches de Brujas

Spanish Halloween Vocabulary Sentence Examples

Many of the Spanish Halloween words easily fit into simple sentence structures. Most, if not all, of the terms, are nouns. So, you can use these words as part of a story or Spanish writing practice.

The next examples show how you can use the Spanish Halloween vocabulary interchangeably. In this way, students can use flashcards, anchor charts, picture books, or writing practice to relate English and Spanish terms. 

Sentence samples

The pumpkin (calabaza) is round and orange. During Halloween (Día de Noches de Brujas), I dress up in my costume (disfraz). When we go trick-or-treating, I get lots of candy (golosinas). Many houses are dressed-up, too. There are scary spiders (arañas), ghosts (fantasmas), and scarecrows (espantapájaros). I like this day. 

Spanish Halloween writing practice

Besides using these words in sentences, you can also use the free Spanish writing printables. Add these worksheets to help students with handwriting, mastering vocabulary, and letter identification.

You can find these free printables in the Free Library Resource under the Hispanic Culture section. 

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