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Spanish Thanksgiving Words for Bilingual Reading

Spanish Thanksgiving words are the ideal introduction to many lessons in friendship, family, and holidays. Many classrooms enjoy the decorations or perhaps holiday parties.

In addition to the fun in class, learning Spanish Thanksgiving words encourages children to apply these words. By using them in conversations or reading, students can experience the words in English and Spanish.

Besides, children enjoy Thanksgiving activities in the classroom by reading or creating crafts. 

Spanish Thanksgiving Words

A collection of Spanish Thanksgiving words can quickly help students with vocabulary and reading. Do you use anchor charts or posters in the classroom?

Perhaps, you decorate the walls of your class to represent traditional Thanksgiving words. When you create a bilingual word wall, use two separate colors or fonts to distinguish between English and Spanish.

That way, students can easily scan the charts for words. The following list shows common Spanish Thanksgiving words you can use in the classroom. 

  • Turkey = pavo
  • Apple pie = pastel de manzana
  • Apples = manzanas
  • Corn = maíz
  • Squash = chayote
  • Pumpkin = calabaza
  • Potatoes = papas
  • Cranberries = arándanos
  • Sweet potatoes = batata or camote
  • Yams =  batata
  • Native Americans = americanos nativos
  • Pilgrims = peregrinos
  • Harvest = cosecha
  • Cornucopia = cuerno de la abundancia
  • Thanksgiving = día de acción de gracias
  • Family = familia
  • Mayflower = Mayflower

In addition to using word walls or anchor charts, combine the Spanish Thanksgiving vocabulary with stories, poems, or other reading materials. For example, individual activities consist of memory games, printables, and interactive games

Spanish Thanksgiving words

Thanksgiving Activities for Bilingual Kids

Students that use multiple ways to read or speak English and Spanish are more apt to acquire vocabulary and useful terms. In other words, use activities that encourage them to participate as they are learning. Most learning activities include reading, writing, or creating. 

How to Use the Free Spanish Thanksgiving Printables

Use the free Spanish Thanksgiving worksheets to create different games. Here you can use the printables in many ways. 

Create a Memory Game

  • Access the Spanish Thanksgiving words worksheets from the Free Library Resource under the Hispanic Culture section
  • Print out the worksheets
  • If you want, you can laminate these sheets so that they last longer
  • Cut the printables along the dotted lines
  • You should have 12 individual cards
  • Place the cards face down on a flat surface
  • Next, ask children to turn the cards one at a time
  • Match each card with the respective question
  • Have fun identifying each Thanksgiving element with each question

You’ll see that one set of cards has the English and Spanish questions. Then, another set of cards matches the questions. The matching card has a picture along with the English and Spanish words. 

Scavenger Game

When you have children excited about Thanksgiving, scavenger games are ideal for adding movement. Use the free Spanish Thanksgiving word printables as a way to motivate students to seek and find. 

  • Print out the worksheets and cut along the dotted lines
  • Place the Thanksgiving picture card with the English and Spanish labels in different areas of the room
  • Next, give each group of children a question 
  • Ask them to find the answer to the question around the room
  • Ideally, you want to provide clues of the location of the item
  • If you have lots of children, form groups that can collaborate.

Other alternatives to the scavenger game would be using props or plush toys as part of the pictured item. You can also use a projector to display the question and have students seek the item.

Additionally, you can pair children together with a question and Thanksgiving picture card. Then, each child has to find the answer to the question. 

Make Reading Finger-Pointers

Aside from fun movement games, you can use these printables as reading and writing practice.   If you haven’t used reading finger pointers, they’re fun tools to help young readers. Whether children read in English or Spanish, using finger-pointers aids in reading aloud strategies

  • Print out the Spanish Thanksgiving word worksheets
  • Cut them out and separate the questions from the picture items
  • Use the finger pointers to help children with the English and Spanish words
  • Also, use highlighters and the finger pointer to identify letters, phonics, or syllables.
  • Include color markers for children to practice writing the word in Spanish.
  • Then, use the finger pointer to help recognize vowel sounds as you’re reading together.
  • What’s even more fun than reading these words? Pick a bilingual book with English and Spanish terms that addresses Thanksgiving terms. 

How to create an easy reading finger pointer

A reading finger pointer is an ideal tool for both left and right-handed learners. You can use craft supplies to create different finger pointers. Then, encourage children to write their names and keep them handy when they’re reading. 


  • craft sticks
  • art fuzzy poms – various colors
  • pipe cleaners or fuzzy sticks – assorted colors
  • glue – Tacky Glue
  • wiggle craft eyes


  • Glue wiggly eyes onto fuzzy poms and set aside
  • Use the fuzzy sticks to make different designs
  • Bend the fuzzy sticks in various shapes
  • Insert or paste them to the craft sticks
  • Add wiggly eyes or the wiggly eyes poms to the craft sticks
  • Use your creation as a reading finger pointer

Spanish Thanksgiving Reading 

When learning Spanish Thanksgiving words, students learn best when they recognize terms during reading. A Thanksgiving lesson can encourage students to read more about pilgrims, their mission, and the Native American way of life.

Regardless of whether you use books or videos, add Spanish vocabulary as a way to relate words in reading. Then, use the reading finger pointers to identify those Spanish Thanksgiving words.

Also, incorporate the Spanish reading worksheets to highlight the English and Spanish terms. In that way, students assimilate words, acquire vocabulary, and learn about Thanksgiving. 

Spanish Thanksgiving words are essential components to learning about reasons to celebrate the holiday. Besides traditional foods, a lesson of Spanish Thanksgiving terms allows bilingual students to learn about American culture. Integrating the English language with Spanish words establishes a love to learn beyond context. 

Barbara Mascareno

Barbara is an educational writer, teacher, and instructional designer. She loves to write K-12 education content, teaching strategies, bilingual education approaches, and foreign language.

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