Spanish Winter Holidays Vocabulary

Spanish winter holidays come every year during December. Classrooms filled with decorations and word walls show the many different celebrations from around the world.

Even in world language classrooms, you often see maps and boards full of descriptive festivities. Well, why not have time during lessons to celebrate holidays from around the world?

Besides, children see many displays around the cities, malls, and shopping areas. So, take the time to plan lessons to inspire and open up to cultural diversity. 

Spanish Winter Holidays

A more traditional holiday is Christmas. Many Christian faith-based people gather during Christmas to celebrate the birth of Jesus.

While religion is not part of public schooling, other religious Catholic or private academies observe the holiday. Whether you teach a dual immersion or World Language class, why not talk about Christmas?

Almost all Hispanic and Latin American countries celebrate Christmas as a Spanish holiday, including Spain, in Europe. Indeed, take a moment to discuss Spanish winter holidays as experienced in the United States.

Spanish winter holidays

Spanish Christmas Vocabulary

  • Christmas tree – árbol de Navidad
  • ornaments – ornamentos
  • sleigh – trineo
  • Santa Claus – Papá Noel
  • presents, gifts – regalos
  • stocking – calcetín Navideño
  • wreath – guirnalda
  • snowman – muñeco de nieve
  • gingerbread cookies – galletas de jengibre
  • elf – duende
  • Christian people – gente Cristiana

Other Spanish winter holidays honored in the United States are Hanukkah and Kwanzaa. During the same time in December, these holidays celebrate festivities and good tidings.

For instance, the Jewish community celebrates Hanukkah in memory of a God that sustains in all circumstances. Despite having little oil to continue past one night, the Jewish tradition indicates that the candle continued to light up. 

Spanish Hanukkah Words

  • Hanukkah – Janucá
  • menorah – menorah
  • candles – velas
  • jelly donuts – rosquillas de jalea
  • dreidel – perinola
  • star of David – estrella de David
  • gold coins – monedas de oro
  • Jewish people – gente Judía
  • gifts – regalos

Across the globe and seas, the African communities celebrate Kwanzaa. For instance, the seven principles of life and thanksgiving make up the Kwanzaa faith.

Kwanzaa brings people together of all cultural backgrounds. They also give thanks for a good year of harvest. 

Spanish Kwanzaa Elements

  • candle holder – candelero
  • harvest – cosecha, cultivo, recolección
  • first fruits – primeras frutas
  • African people – gente Africana
  • crops – cosecha, cultivo
  • Unity cup – copa de Unidad
  • gifts – regalos

Spanish winter holidays marks the beginning of the winter season. The holiday season also brings time to reflect yearly happenings in the classroom and at home.

Whether celebrations occur, festivities and decorations surround children at every moment. Therefore, take the time to teach Spanish holidays. Enjoy the winter season that can spark cultural awareness and friendships.

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Barbara is an educational writer, teacher, and instructional designer. She loves to write K-12 education content, teaching strategies, bilingual education approaches, and foreign language.

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