Holiday Homeschool Resources

Holiday homeschool resources are ideal ways to incorporate new ideas into your curriculum. Whether you have a bilingual lesson plan for your classroom or homeschool class, various learning materials are fun to explore.

You can add engaging activities to your lesson plans. In that way, lesson planning doesn’t have to be a chore. With holiday homeschool resources in various subject areas, the possibilities are endless.

holiday homeschool resources

Arts and Crafts Resources

While winter break or any holiday approaches, you want engaging activities for your kids. As a parent or teacher, you want to motivate your kids to keep on learning.

In this practical activity plan, you’ll be able to encourage your kids to keep the Christmas spirit going. 

Do you have an advanced and talented artist? Explore how this mini-course of seven lessons and six projects encourages your young artist to develop advanced techniques.

The art course focuses on expanding essential art skills to create masterpieces.

Cooking is a valuable life skill for any child. Within each lesson, you’ll be able to teach your child the basics of meal prep and healthy eating.

These classes, available in four volumes, motivates independence and self-reliance in the kitchen.

Books and Literature Holiday Homeschool Resources

Are you looking for last-minute gifts or stocking stuffers for that crafty teen? Discover how this collection of printable bookmarks and cards inspires your teen to create homemade gifts

Do you have advanced bilingual learners or dual immersion students that need extra support? A Spanish ocean theme might be what you need to encourage students to practice handwriting and reading all-in-one place.

These printable learning materials support fine-motor skills and reading comprehension. Similarly, this activity is ideal for Kindergarteners. The workbook aligns with Common Core and NGSS standards.

Also, check out our Exclusive Holiday Bilingual Resources.

Holiday Homeschool Resources

Technology and Music Resources

The world of podcasting is at your teen’s fingertips with this course. Your teen will enjoy learning about the techniques about podcasting while exploring a passion for broadcasting.

Besides, this course is perfect as elective credit. 

Are you looking for a practical way to use music lessons in your curriculum? Discover how the Charlotte Mason music program can help.

The program consists of monthly lessons to explore the Composer Study and Specific Music Talent. Students can choose between the Folk Song or Hymn section.

Learning the piano requires practice and dedication. That is, the virtual lesson plans help your student practice as much as needed anytime and anywhere.

Children between the ages of five and eight will enjoy these piano lessons. 

For that teen that has it all, yet game programming takes them to a new level of learning. In this self-paced class designed for grades five to 12, teens enjoy learning about game design, graphics, and basic computer logic.

Have fun creating a personalized interactive greeting card!

Time for Mom Holiday Homeschool Resources

Do you ever wonder what homeschooling can look like at home? What are the steps for moms and parents to learn before embarking on a homeschooling journey?

Homeschool moms and parents discuss these and many other questions in this book. Every prospective and new homeschool parent needs to read this collection of homeschooling.

Are you thinking about all those documents and requirements you have to fulfill for your homeschoolers? Take the guesswork out of curriculums, credits, and higher education planning. Give the Academic Advising Package a try. 

  • Homeschooling High School College MindsAmazon book by Betsy Sproger (This site may contain Amazon affiliate links. Spanish4Kiddos Educational Services, LLC does not receive compensation from the author.)

In this college prep guidebook, you’ll find information on how to select colleges for your homeschoolers to help you through the process. Betsy includes printables to organize the process. 

Every mom and parent need encouraging words to carry you through the day. In this 64-page journal, you’ll be able to pray and meditate through your homeschool journey.

Take note! The journal includes 30 days of powerful quotes to lift you every day. 

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