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Spanish Back To School Read Aloud

Spanish back to school read aloud is a fun way to help children with last-minute jitters or anxiety. Perhaps, students are new to the school or entering a new grade. Back to school can be an exciting time. Encouraging your children to read a fun story in English and Spanish can help them to relax and enjoy that first day.

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ocean life Spanish learning activities

Ocean Life Spanish Learning Activities

Ocean life bilingual learning activities can encourage bilingual learners with different language skills. Using a single theme as the ocean life introduces sea animal terms, letters, and sight words. Furthermore, you can easily transition this concept to bilingual reading and sight words. 

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a fourth of July

A Fourth of July Celebration Bilingual Read-Aloud

A Fourth of July celebration is a fantastic way to introduce new terms to bilingual learners. You can discuss many aspects of Independence Day in the United States and the importance of being bilingual. Whether you celebrate this day during the week of the Fourth of July or a few days before, make sure to simplify your lesson planning with word matching and context reading. 

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summer reading challenge resources

Summer Reading Challenge Resources

Summer reading challenge resources encourage bilingual learners to read and participate in various reading programs. You can easily find many summer reading challenges at your local library and bookstores, from infants to teens. However, summer reading may not be an easy task for bilingual learners. Sometimes, there are a limited amount of stories, books, or story-time activities. Encourage your bilingual learner to read with these…

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Spanish Sight Words Ideas and Resources

Spanish sight words ideas for bilingual learners consist of fun games and hands-on activities. In this way, you can encourage young bilingual learners to identify sight words in various contexts. Besides using traditional tools like flashcards, encourage your students to develop skills to enhance memorization of these words. Align learning Spanish sight words with bilingual stories and fun games for deeper learning. 

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Valentine’s Day Bilingual Activities and Read-Aloud Story

Valentine’s Day bilingual activities can boost those language skills forgotten from previous months. Winter breaks or long pauses between learning periods can disrupt the learning pattern in the classroom. Sometimes you might have to reinforce or refresh concepts. In most cases, reviews of early concepts can help bilingual students stay on track.

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Winter Holiday Ideas for Bilingual Learners

Winter holiday ideas are easy to put together with little to no preparation. You often might find yourself wondering what to teach during those last few days of school. Or, you might be wondering how to keep your bilingual children learning? Either way, consider bilingual activities that can engage and entertain during the busy holiday season. 

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Spanish Winter Learning Activities

Spanish winter learning activities for bilingual learners consist of quick ideas to keep them learning. While the winter season brings lots of joy and enthusiasm, you can still create Spanish lessons to engage your students and children. These lessons don’t have to be elaborate. On the other hand, you can use the winter break as a precursor for concepts in the next few months. Adding…

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Learning letter identification

Learning Letter Identification Activities for Bilingual Learners

Learning letter identification is probably the beginning step to knowing Spanish. Each letter in the Spanish alphabet combine with syllables to create different words. That is, knowing beginning letters is the precursor to acquiring vocabulary and stepping into reading. With fun letter identification activities and games, young bilingual learners learn while playing.

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