Winter Holiday Ideas for Bilingual Learners

Winter holiday ideas are easy to put together with little to no preparation. You often might find yourself wondering what to teach during those last few days of school.

Or, you might be wondering how to keep your bilingual children learning? Either way, consider bilingual activities that can engage and entertain during the busy holiday season. 

Winter Holiday Ideas for Bilingual Learners

How do you teach young bilingual learners about nouns, verbs, and adjectives? Although they might not know the specific term, they encounter these foundational elements in many texts.

These technical reading terms are essential from reading to listening to bilingual stories. But, your bilingual learners can learn these language terms with fun games and activities.

Use winter holiday ideas like unscrambling letters and sorting games as fun ways to understand Spanish terms. 

winter holiday ideas for bilingual learners


  • Spanish Unscramble Words and Sorting Game printables
  • Sturdy paper like construction paper or card-stock paper
  • Markers or crayons
  • Safety scissors
  • Glue


  1. Print different versions of the unscrambling of letters and sorting game
  2. Optional: paste them onto sturdy paper
  3. Cut out the letters to find out the Spanish word
  4. Optional: cut and paste the letters for each term
  5. Color each sorting circle to distinguish between big and small 
  6. Cut each piece of holiday items
  7. Place them according to size – big or small
  8. Optional: create a matching game with big and small cards

Sequence of Winter Holiday Ideas in Bilingual Lessons

Whether you want to introduce foundational elements or terms with stories or games, use simple activities. For instance, you could start with simple introductory activities like scavenger hunt games, bingo games, or matching games.

Then, build up the skills learned with other challenging activities like writing or drawing. Of course, you could determine the amount of time you want to spend on each activity.

If bilingual students need more support in one area, you might need to supplement with other activities. As a result, having multiple activities for each specific standard or learning objective might be beneficial.

For example, not all students may meet the expectations of a particular standard or learning objective. Having a lesson on learning Spanish vocabulary words and sentences with those words can support different learners.

While you often might find differentiated instruction a preferred approach for bilingual learners, other strategies help. For instance, creating lessons that introduce concepts, develop skills, and deepen students’ understanding is essential to teaching bilingual learners. Other methods could include scaffolding, Socratic instruction, and guided reading. 

In summary, winter holiday ideas can consist of many fun activities. For example, you could use unscrambling of letters to identify the Spanish alphabet and words.

Also, you can use the sorting game to distinguish between the sizes of holiday objects. Choosing simple activities can help with foundational language skills to enhance other areas of learning.

Barbara Mascareno

Barbara is an educational writer, teacher, and instructional designer. She loves to write K-12 education content, teaching strategies, bilingual education approaches, and foreign language.

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