Spanish Winter Learning Activities

Spanish winter learning activities for bilingual learners consist of quick ideas to keep them learning. While the winter season brings lots of joy and enthusiasm, you can still create Spanish lessons to engage your students and children.

These lessons don’t have to be elaborate. On the other hand, you can use the winter break as a precursor for concepts in the next few months.

Adding games and interactive activities during the winter break can help your bilingual learners learn. 

Spanish Winter Learning Activities

As winter break approaches, you might already be busy with plans and activities. However, for some bilingual students, the festivities may soon be over.

Also, consider that some bilingual students may not celebrate specific holidays. Whether students or children celebrate holidays, you can still encourage them to learn Spanish

Spanish winter learning activities


  • Spanish holiday terms bingo and syllable cards
  • Color card-stock paper or construction paper
  • Safety scissors
  • Glue
  • Optional: craft sticks, red and green paint, markers


  • Optional: paint the craft sticks red and green to resemble holiday colors
  • Glue together the craft sticks to create a tic-tac-toe game
  • Print several bingo cards and paste them on sturdy paper like construction paper
  • Cut the individual cards and set them aside
  • Print the Spanish holiday syllable cards
  • Paste them onto construction paper or card-stock
  • Cut the pieces to resemble puzzle cards

Creating Fun Spanish Winter Learning Activities 

Whether you use the bingo cards or the Spanish syllable puzzles, your children will enjoy playing while learning. For example, the bingo cards are excellent quick ideas to introduce vocabulary while still having fun.

  • Aside from traditional bingo cards, you can use these as part of tic-tac-toe games.
  • Use the craft stick set-up and place it on top of the cards.
  • Then, use small markers as tic-tac-toe pieces.
  • You can see how to use this activity in the video.
  • Next, use the Spanish syllable cards.
  • In this case, when you cut the pieces to create puzzles, practice each syllable from each word.
  • For example, using the ‘gorro’ word and picture can help identify the Spanish syllables ‘go-rro’.
  • Then, you can use the other cards in the same way.
  • However, you don’t have to use the two-syllable or the three-syllable words.

Add additional components to the Spanish winter learning activities like read-aloud books, poems, rhymes, and holiday songs. 

Making Winter Break Fun with Bilingual Learning

The holiday winter break can be a fun time for families. However, many children can quickly get bored during those days.

You can suggest outdoor activities that are fun and safe outdoors. But, sometimes, the weather may be frightful. Regardless of snow, storm, or rain, you can still create fun bilingual activities to learn Spanish during winter break. 

  1. Use the holiday calendar and checklist for fun activities
  2. Plan a week of activities according to your family travel plans
  3. Make paper snowflakes and learn Spanish sight words
  4. Use puzzle pieces to learn Spanish syllables
  5. Watch videos about holiday stories or sing along with silly songs
  6. Play memory game of Spanish holiday terms
  7. Use bingo cards to learn new Spanish places or terms
  8. Make a cootie-catcher to learn Spanish colors
  9. Visit the library and choose a Spanish book
  10. Watch your favorite movie with Spanish subtitles

In summary, Spanish winter learning activities can continue during winter break. You can use quick ideas to encourage reading or learn Spanish language skills.

Besides reading a bilingual book, add other activities like rhyming, singing, and hands-on activities. 

Barbara Mascareno

Barbara is an educational writer, teacher, and instructional designer. She loves to write K-12 education content, teaching strategies, bilingual education approaches, and foreign language.

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