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Halloween Pumpkins Bilingual Reading

Halloween pumpkins bilingual reading brings a fun story for young readers. Besides reading, bilingual learners have fun interacting with text using fun activities.

Halloween is a great time to explore Spanish vocabulary and simple sentence structure elements. Develop language skills by implementing easy techniques to help students transition from reading to interacting with the text. 

Halloween Pumpkins Bilingual Reading 

Whether you use a traditional story or the Halloween Here and There bilingual text, young readers can engage with stories in many ways. For instance, help students recognize vocabulary as you read the text aloud.

Reading the text in English and Spanish helps students to understand the story and identify those terms. Aside from using engaging techniques, read-aloud stories enhance the imagination of what’s happening in the story.

Not only do read-aloud stories help students understand the story, but they also engage with critical thinking skills. 

Halloween pumpkins bilingual reading

Halloween Pumpkins Bilingual Reading Tips

You can easily add after-reading activities to develop deeper thinking skills based on a reading passage. These activities can be simple and fun to do.

For example, use bingo cards or matching games as ways to introduce terms or characters from the story. You can also use puppets, videos, and interactive games. 


  • Halloween Pumpkins Here and There bilingual story
  • Bilingual matching sets for Halloween
  • Matching cover cards
  • Card-stock paper or construction paper
  • Safety scissors
  • Glue
  • Optional: digital interactive activities available for newsletter and exclusive member subscribers


  1. Read the English-Spanish bilingual story and have fun looking for Halloween terms
  2. Cut each Halloween matching card sets
  3. Paste onto card-stock paper
  4. Cut each cover card and paste it onto sturdy paper
  5. Use the checklist of Halloween terms or the vocabulary terms from Spanish Halloween Vocabulary for Early Readers
  6. Cover each word or image with the cover cards
  7. Then ask students to flip the cards to match each image to its term 
  8. Match the picture with its respective image for younger bilingual learners

Halloween Here and There Bilingual Read-Aloud with Activities

The following videos and podcast episode show how to use the Halloween bilingual story to learn Spanish vocabulary and sentence structure. Using a matching interactive game can be a simple way to engage bilingual students after reading the story. 

Boo! Halloween Pumpkins Here and There Bilingual Read Aloud Spanish4Kiddos

Halloween Bilingual Learning Ideas with Digital Resources 

Halloween matching games are fun activities to add to lessons, especially after reading a text. However, sometimes, you may want to use digital resources.

In this way, you can have many students at computer stations or using tablets at their desks. While laminating memory games and cards have multiple uses, digital games can provide individual instruction.

If each student is at a computer or using a tablet, the student can interact with the activity at his or her pace. On the other hand, when students work in groups, they engage with classmates to work through solving a pattern.

So, using several approaches can help bilingual students grasp various language skills. 

Like any other holiday theme, Halloween pumpkin bilingual reading encourages students to interact with the text. Of course, students may not find reading exciting as Halloween is a fun part of the year. Bring the excitement of learning with fun activities like Halloween read-aloud and games. 

Barbara Mascareno

Barbara is an educational writer, teacher, and instructional designer. She loves to write K-12 education content, teaching strategies, bilingual education approaches, and foreign language.

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