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Thanksgiving Bilingual Story and Resources

A Thanksgiving bilingual story is a great theme to discuss gratitude. Besides using Thanksgiving as a thankful theme in your lessons, you can also add other Spanish learning components.

A few ideas to boost Spanish learning with a Thanksgiving theme are vocabulary and grammar. Creating crafts is a wonderful addition to use after reading.

So, add these ideas to your lesson to encourage bilingual students to read, learn, and have fun with Spanish learning.

Thanksgiving Bilingual Story Learning Ideas

There are many ideas to incorporate Thanksgiving in lessons or activities. While these ideas are great for beginners in language learning, use them in various ways to maximize the learning experience.

For bilingual students, reading is an integral part of learning dual-language. However, adding other elements to reading can create active participation.


  • English-Spanish Thanksgiving bilingual story
  • Construction paper: brown, yellow, red, orange
  • Safety scissors
  • Glue
  • Googly, wiggle eyes
  • Scraps of construction paper or colored print paper
  • Free bilingual printables
  • Optional: craft sticks


  1. Read the Thanksgiving bilingual story from the Exclusive Member Area
  2. Optional: you can watch the video or listen to the episode for the bilingual story
  3. Empty paper rolls or paper towel rolls (cut into thirds)
  4. Brown, yellow, red, and orange construction paper
  5. Measure the length of the paper roll
  6. Paste the brown construction paper onto the paper roll
  7. Using a sturdy piece of card-stock, create a feather template
  8. Trace the outline of the feather onto the different color construction papers (yellow, orange, red)
  9. Paste the feathers onto the paper roll
  10. Use orange paper to make the beak of the turkey and paste it onto the paper roll
  11. Use red paper to make the wattle of the turkey and paste it onto the paper roll
  12. Attach the wiggle eyes to the paper roll
  13. Make different uppercase and lowercase letters using the scraps of paper
  14. Insert these pieces of paper inside the turkey paper roll
  15. Match each letter

As you use the turkey paper roll as part of the Thanksgiving bilingual story, use the letter cut-outs to emphasize letter identification. For example, look for meaning with each letter as you match uppercase and lowercase letters.

Use the bilingual story or other text to look for words that begin with that letter. Or, you can use the list of Thanksgiving terms to find those words. Also, use a fun scavenger hunt game to find terms and items.

Gobble, gobble! A Thanksgiving Bilingual Read Aloud Spanish4Kiddos

Thanksgiving Bilingual Resources

Other bilingual resources for Thanksgiving are using prepositional phrases, vocabulary terms, and scavenger hunt ideas. For instance, you use prepositions in English and Spanish to show how a turkey goes from one place to another.

Of course, you use another Thanksgiving item like pumpkins or feathers. Another way is to use Spanish colors. You can easily add feathers in different colors to learn bilingual terms.

For example, you can use one feather for each color or feathers to identify each color. This bilingual activity has many uses, and you can add other learning elements like letters of the Spanish alphabet.

Other fun Thanksgiving ideas are games. For instance, you can use scavenger hunt games of Thanksgiving items. Or, you can make printables and hide them in your room.

Then, students can find these items around the room by matching the terms with the pictures.

Fun Thanksgiving Learning Ideas

With a Thanksgiving bilingual story, you can implement more than reading. You can use the bilingual text to learn Spanish vocabulary, sight words, and sentences.

Aside from Spanish learning, these passages are ideal for identifying specific Thanksgiving terms. Of course, celebrating Thanksgiving is a wonderful way to appreciate and be thankful, a great lesson to learn any time of the year.

Barbara Mascareno

Barbara is an educational writer, teacher, and instructional designer. She loves to write K-12 education content, teaching strategies, bilingual education approaches, and foreign language.

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