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Spanish readers: 5 books to learn about habitats

Many books about animals and their habitats are wonderful ways to help children explore nature and the Spanish language. The earth is full of amazing ecosystems. From deserts to jungles, habitats have unique environments.

Habitats are simply the places where different species interact. And many of these species will compete for shelter and food. Microscopic organisms and enormous animals are all part of the habitats they live in.

How can these species be able to coexist? Can a polar bear survive in the tundra or simply in the icy artic? Can lizards survive in dry arid conditions or humid warm climate?

Many species have not only adapted to the variations of climate change. But they have evolved to exist in deserts, jungles, forests, artic, or mountains. The following non-fiction books are excellent sources to learn about the different habitats around the earth.

“Lo básico de la tierra” by Carol K. Lindeen

Living on earth is to live in different types of soils. This short non-fiction book, in very simple terms, shows the various soil types. You can also learn about type of animals that exist in soils and depend on it to survive. This bilingual story has glossary and additional resources. This book is part of the Pebble Bilingual book series, and is appropriate for ages 5 and up.

ISBN: 9781429653473

“Desiertos” by Gina Zorzo and Lucía M. Sánchez

In this beautifully photographed Spanish book, it greatly states the types of surroundings, animals, and climate that can be found in the desert. From cactus to prairie dogs, the desert is a unique type of habitat. Children can learn how animals survive in very dry conditions. This Spanish book also presents pronunciation techniques and other studying diagrams. This book is part of the Readlings en español book series, and is adequate for ages 6 and up.

ISBN: 9781615414246

“Cadena alimentarias del bosque tropical” by Bobbie Kalman

Rainforests are amazing habitats filled with layers of forest. This Spanish story greatly expresses the facts about these unique forests. In 14 simple easy-to-read chapters, children can learn about types of soil, animals, and the food chain or webs that can exist. This nonfiction book also shows the importance of keeping these rainforests save and how quickly they are disappearing. This book is appropriate for ages 8 and up.

ISBN: 9780778785330

“Selvas” by Richard C. Vogt

In this dynamic factual book, young children can learn about the various degrees of the jungles. This Spanish story illustrates in great detail the types of animals that exist in rivers, trees, and plants. This book is more like an encyclopedia, filled with beautiful illustrations and important facts. The book is adequate for children ages 10 and up.

ISBN: 9788480168564

“¿Dónde quieres vivir?” by Arnhilda Badia

How do penguins live and exist in such rigorous cold conditions? But where can other animals live? This Spanish nonfiction book simply presents the facts about the four most typical habitats on Earth. Beautifully photographed with easy-to-read sentences, this Spanish book is appropriate for children ages 6 and up.

ISBN: 9781617416392

Many Spanish books for children need to be equipped with adequate terms and easy to learn words. Early readers in Spanish can find these books fun and easy to read. Incorporating theme books is an easy way to encourage everyday reading at any level.

Find these great books at your local library, bookstore or Amazon: Children Books. And read them with your kids. Add them to your home library today.

Barbara Mascareno

Barbara is an educational writer, teacher, and instructional designer. She loves to write K-12 education content, teaching strategies, bilingual education approaches, and foreign language.

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