Book review: Chloe and Cookie’s Chemo Tips by Mayra Aburto

It’s not everyday you get to read books about cancer and how it affects millions of people, young and old. When I read Chloe and Cookie’s Chemo Tips by Mayra C. Aburto, I learned so much about this disease and its impact on patients. With more than 30 delightful and humorous tips, you can also learn the way cancer affects the immune system, physical appearance, and spiritual mind. As I had the chance to interview Mayra, here is what she said about her wonderful book.

1. These tips are wonderful suggestions for cancer patients. Do you think children and young teens diagnosed with cancer can relate to some of your tips? What would be a tip for young children not listed in your book?

Yes, I think that anybody can relate to the tips since the tips are very general, and anybody going through chemotherapy/radiation/surgery could have a way to relate to the book. As a young adult facing cancer treatment, I can understand that it’s difficult to come to terms with certain disabilities. I would really like younger patients to focus on keeping themselves healthy and positive since they have a long life ahead of them, even if they have to put up with some side effects along the way.

2. Chemotherapy is a treatment that can help many cancer patients. One of the effects is losing your hair and many decide to cover their heads with wigs or hats? Did you find one method more comfortable than the other?

It all depends on the day. Every day is different, and depending on the weather and on how sensitive your scalp is, it could be very uncomfortable wearing any headgear at all. The best option for those days is to wear a light, soft-knit hat or a short wig.

3. In writing this book, what was your inspiration to tell about your story? What motivated you to write your story?

My reason for writing this book came from my experiences meeting other chemo patients that were just starting with their treatment.

They wanted to know what to expect, so I thought that if I put a book of tips together, patients would have a good resource for learning about another patient’s experience. At the same time, I wanted to make the book as lighthearted as possible since cancer-related books tend to be very serious and dull.

Chloe and Cookie’s Chemo Tips on Amazon

4. The cartoons and drawings are a delightful touch to your heart-warming story. And I especially like your cat companion. Did you draw these illustrations?

Yes, I drew every illustration in the book. Being an illustrator is one of my favorite things to do! I felt that Cookie the Cat could bring some humor into what was a serious topic. I hope that kids going through treatment will enjoy the illustrations and Cookie the Cat.

About the author:

Mayra C. Aburto is a writer/illustrator living in LA with her husband, sons, and her dog Biscuit. She was diagnosed with cancer in 2010. After recovering, she’s been focusing on enjoying life to the fullest one day at a time, leading her to write a book to help other patients do the same.


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  1. Uchi on at

    que interesante! muchas gracias por compartir la información 🙂

    • Barbara Mascareno on at

      Me alegra de que te guste.

  2. What a tough topic. Thankfully you found this resource to help kids under this duress

    • Barbara Mascareno on at

      It certainly is a hard subject to talk to kids about.

  3. Excelente libro! Lo tengo que obtener. Me parece un excelente recurso para educarnos y educar a nuestros hijos acerca de esta enfermedad que toca a tantas personas.

    • Barbara Mascareno on at

      Si, por supuesto, es un tema muy delicado para conversar con la familia. Pero este libro es genial en ver que el tratamiento no vence a la persona sino a la enfermedad.

  4. Rosey on at

    I like that it’s written in a format that’s not so serious (even though it’s a very serious topic). I’m guessing that helps engage and teach the reader more. It’s wonderful that the author is reaching out to help others to know what to expect.

    • Barbara Mascareno on at

      The book is a delight to read for all ages.

  5. Qué historia más linda e interesante! Felicito a la escritora por su tenacidad al escribir un libro tan difícil.

    • Barbara Mascareno on at

      Si, en realidad, es una historia muy tierna para leer.

  6. Teresa Garza on at

    Gracias por compatir el mensaje..

    • Barbara Mascareno on at

      Agradezco tu comentario.

  7. Ely Aguilera on at

    Al igual que tu, yo ni siquiera habia escuchado hablar de algun libro asi, me parece excelente que existan este tipo de libros, no solo por toda la informacion que contiene, sino tambien por la parte de los tips graciosos que contiene, me parece que todos los pacientes de cancer deberian de leer este tipo de libros, para ayudarlos a entender un poco mas acerca de esta enfermedad.

    • Barbara Mascareno on at

      Gracias, Ely! Si, por supuesto, es un libro excelente para hablar con los chicos acerca de esta enfermedad.

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